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Paul Krugman Proves (Once Again) He’s Just a Shameless Shill for Biden

Paul Krugman Proves (Once Again) He’s Just a Shameless Shill for Biden
Franck Robichon/Pool Photo via AP

Paul Krugman is a joke—but he’s not very funny.

The man fakes being a serious economist worse than Jussie Smollett fakes hate crimes. While he thinks being a Pulitzer Prize winner gives him credibility, in reality, he’s just another garden variety leftist pundit. He would probably jump off a bridge if a president with a D after his name told him too.

For example, Krugman gushed over Biden’s proposed vaccine mandate back in September.

“Today, Joe Biden became president,” Krugman tweeted. “OK, he already was. But this is huge — a dramatic assertion of his right and duty to protect the American people from harm. I don’t know how it will play politically; I don’t even know how the news media will cover it, whether they’ll de facto take the side of the irresponsible minority. But Biden needed to be bold, and he has surpassed expectations.”

Did you just throw up in your mouth a little? Because I did.

But Krugman’s shilling for Biden has never stopped. Krugman practically compares Biden to mythological King Midas—because everything he touches turns to gold.

Am I exaggerating? You tell me. In his latest opinion piece for the New York Times, Krugman boldly declares that “2021 was pretty amazing.”

After acknowledging that there “probably weren’t many Americans who started 2022 feeling celebratory,” Krugman enters the spin zone at Warp 10, claiming, “there’s a good chance that once time has passed and we’ve had a chance to regain perspective, we’ll consider 2021 to have been a very good year, at least in some ways.” Don’t laugh just yet. I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. How was 2021 such an amazing year, according to Krugman? “In particular,” he says, “although nobody seemed to notice, it was a year of spectacular economic recovery — and one in which many dire warnings failed to come true.”

Okay, now you can laugh.

As one could expect, the White House, which has been desperately trying to overcome reality with a bogus narrative that Biden’s economic record is “the best in history” or something, went into high gear to promote this piece of shill article by Krugman. For example, one of the usual suspects, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, was all over it, blubbering “facts, facts, facts” in his retweet.

He wasn’t alone. As our sister site Twitchy discovered, several of Klain’s comrades-in-arms at the White House also retweeted the article, including Biden’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, White House Senior Director of Coalitions Media Jennifer Molina, Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons, White House Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin, White House American Rescue Coordinator Gene Sperling, and probably the White House chef and groundskeeper too.

“Think how dangerously out of touch this Biden White House is,” RNC Deputy Communications Director Nathan Brand said in response to Klain’s retweet of Krugman before pointing out the realities of 2021.

Last month we learned that the White House was pressuring the media to give more positive economic coverage to the Biden administration. Krugman certainly got the message that the White House narrative is more important than reality.