The Morning Briefing: Black Lives Matter Is the Real Domestic Terrorist Threat

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m still weirded out by the fact that we all started calling “burros” “burritos” one day without question.


I wrote back in early September that Democrats are forever in denial about who the real terrorists in the world are. It’s been that way for as long as I remember. It’s more ridiculous now than it’s ever been. Team Biden and his flying monkeys in the mainstream media have pretty much branded every white Republican in America as a terrorist.

I may be a little cranky but I’ve never blown anything up.

While the Department of Justice has been demonizing soccer moms and dads real terror threats have been operating freely in America. One — Black Lives Matter — has been getting away with whatever it wants to, often with the blessing of prominent Democrats.

A lot of good that did them.

Kevin has a story about BLM’s welcome message for New York City’s incoming Democratic mayor:

New York BLM co-founder Hawk Newsome openly threatened NYC’s incoming mayor, Eric Adams, with “riots” “fire” and “bloodshed” if Adams sticks to his campaign promise to bring back undercover cops in an attempt to stop gun violence in a city racked with crime.

FACT-O-RAMA! Threatening “riots, fire, and bloodshed” is a “terrorist threat” and is illegal, but somehow Newsome wasn’t arrested. So much for the victimization angle.

Has anybody run that by Merrick Garland? He’s probably too busy dispatching FBI agents to PTA meetings to do anything about it.


Kevin asks if a member of the Proud Boys would be arrested for making the same threats.

In a heartbeat.

Current New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a big fan of BLM for a long time. He joined a group of “activists” last year to paint “Black Lives Matter” on a street near Trump Tower. According to The New York Post, Hizzoner has been mum on these latest threats:

Mayor de Blasio literally hid behind a spokeswoman on Thursday when The Post tried to ask him about a local Black Lives Matter leader’s threat of “riots” if Mayor-elect Eric Adams revives the NYPD’s undercover anti-gun efforts.

Other public figures — including civil-right activist the Rev. Al Sharpton — also ducked for cover amid the firestorm over Hawk Newsome’s inflammatory rhetoric following a heated meeting with Adams on Wednesday.

Democrats at the highest levels have been giving BLM cover since the group was founded. They either excuse BLM’s violence as some part of a protracted mea culpa, or they deny that the violence is happening at all.

BLM is a terrorist organization and all of the media spin to the contrary won’t change that.

Maybe it’s time that the group finally gets on the FBI’s radar.

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