(No Sub Required!) 'Five O'Clock Somewhere' with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, Special Guest - Replay Available

As you probably know, the entire Salem Media Digital Empire is having a big VIP drive this week, both to celebrate VIP turning two years old and also to create the growth we need to keep expanding the VIP content you love.

No, that doesn’t mean we’re going to do a four-hour version of “Five O’Clock Somewhere.”

Unless we do. Because sometimes that happens.

But this week, “Five O’Clock Somewhere” is available to everybody, no subscription required.

So tune in at the same bat-time and same bat-channel, because you’re already a member and you know how much fun it is when Stephen Kruiser and Yours Truly get together with each week’s guest in the Seat of Uncomfortable Ecstacy.

And if you aren’t already a VIP member, what are you waiting for? This week only, use promo code 2022 for a 40% discount on your new PJ Media VIP subscription — our largest discount ever.