The Morning Briefing: MSM Aided and Abetted Biden's Afghanistan Failure

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m having a floral print tuxedo custom-tailored for me just to mess with people’s heads. And it makes my eyes really pop.


Time isn’t what it used to be, is it? The last seven months feel like at least seven years right now. It’s difficult to believe even while staring at a calendar, but it was only two weeks ago that the situation in Afghanistan really began to spiral out of control. I had to double-check that because — again — it feels like a lot longer.

Add “making us all age prematurely” to the list of things Joe Biden is doing to ruin everything.

One of the more surreal aspects of this past fortnight has been the fact that we have witnessed some occasional acts of journalism being committed by the thoroughly loathsome members of the mainstream media. Most of us on this side of the aisle were convinced that they couldn’t even pull that off by accident anymore. Biden has been so awful in his handling of this latest crisis, however, that even his besties in the MSM began to sour on him in fairly short order.

This brief flirtation with journalistic integrity has some of the poor, fragile dears on the left in full diaper-soiling mode.

A.J. Kaufman had a delicious story yesterday about their meltdown:

Even conservatives concede the mainstream media has been relatively tough on the Biden administration’s Afghanistan debacle.

This leaves the president’s remaining vocal defenders perplexed and charging the press with effectively colluding with “national security elites” to be too tough on Biden.

First, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain attacked CNN with pitiful dishonesty.

Zany Jen Rubin then told Washington Post readers the poor president is an easy target.


There’s more. Our sister site Twitchy had a story on Tuesday about a Democratic strategist having a full toddler tantrum and referring to Politico as — I kid you not — a “rightwing propaganda organization.”

While this summer barbecue spat among loved ones has been fun to watch, we can’t let it distract us from the fact that the MSM has been almost criminally complicit in all of the damage that Joe Biden has done, is doing now, and most certainly will continue doing to this country.

My Monday Briefing featured a story from the London Telegraph that called out the American media for its role in letting Biden get anywhere near the Oval Office.

A few days of the MSM hacks doing the work they should have been doing for decades doesn’t get them a free pass. Absolutely none of this would be happening if they hadn’t lied about President Trump for years, and then spent all of last year pretending it wasn’t obvious that Joe Biden had mentally checked out for good. Their abdication of journalistic responsibility has compromised this country in ways that can’t soon be forgiven.

Given the fact that Joe Biden hasn’t really been there for a long time, the American political media may be more culpable for the miserable state of the country right now than he is. They’ve been propping up the drooling idiot by essentially creating a fictitious character in their “reporting.” It may not be all on them, but a good chunk of it is.


Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, and the rest of the hack propagandists in the MSM will no doubt soon return to their lapdog duties and start slobbering all over their Democrat masters again.

Yes, they’ve done some real work in the past week, but it hasn’t been enough to get them time off for good behavior.

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