Biden Is an 'Impediment' to Private Afghanistan Evacuations, 'A Massive F*** Up'

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Private Afghanistan evacuations could get thousands more people out of the country before the August 31 deadline, if only Presidentish Joe Biden weren’t impeding efforts, according to one man trying to help.


Biden, apparently bored with screwing up its own evacuation from Afghanistan, is now also an “impediment” to at least one private group’s efforts to get people out of the new Islamic Emirate.

That’s according to Robert Stryk, who told the Daily Caller earlier this week that “I understand that our country may be trying to control everything or maintain it, but in doing so, they’re impeding things.”

“It’s been the U.S. private sector who has stepped in to save the blood and treasure the Biden administration is leaving behind.”

Stryk went on to describe the Biden Administration’s sit-on-its-hands approach to helping private groups like his, “frustrating” and “a massive f***-up.”

Can’t Team Biden get anything right? Just one thing?

The Daily Caller’s report comes on top of Matt Margolis’ report Tuesday night that the White House is apparently lying about how many people the Pentagon has flown out of Afghanistan. A leaked State Department memo shows numbers far below the rosy estimates released by the White House. (Full report and numbers available exclusively to our VIP members.)

Retired Army officer and historian Austin Bay’s latest column reminded Biden earlier today that you “don’t leave a war zone until you’ve secured every American citizen.” But that commonsense approach was ignored by the Biden Administration to the peril of American citizens, America’s Afghan allies, and our own brave servicemembers trying to get them out. Bay also would remind Biden that “U.S. citizens remain in Helmand province, the city of Kandahar and in Kabul — but you don’t know how many.”


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While Bay is a conservative, even NBC News can’t ignore just what a mess Biden has made out of his recklessly fast and ill-planned withdrawal.

The NBC report details “fury and disgust” at the CIA, in the Pentagon, and in Congress because “thousands of Afghans will be left behind.”

“The precarious situation for U.S. troops on the ground left Biden with no good options to extend their presence,” says NBC. But “no good options” were the only options available after Biden ignored military advice and bugged out of our vital Bagram Air Base before beginning the evac.

As a result, “evacuations are likely to slow considerably by Friday” which “may not be enough time to remove every American,” according to NBC.

Newsweek joined the pile-on, too.

A story published early Wednesday quotes New Jersey Congresscritter Tom Malinowski — a Democrat — who called it a “mistake” for Biden to stick to his self-imposed August 31 deadline.

Of course, now that the Taliban has threatened to enforce Biden’s deadline, the point is probably moot.


Nevertheless, Malinowski told CNN that “there’s no way to keep the president’s promise by August 31st.”

“There’s no way that we may be able to take out the American citizens in the Kabul area who want to leave,” Malinowski warned.

That means the Taliban will have plenty of stranded former American allies to murder (or worse) and untold numbers of left-behind Americans to use as hostages or human shields.


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