Seattle Mayor Using Homeless Response Cops for Personal Protection

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  • About those Florida doctors who walked out “in protest” this week…

Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a short video to make you lose whatever little faith you might still have in humanity.

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

Since Insanity Wrap was cruel enough to make you watch this, why not treat yourself today by turning the thermostat down to 65°?

Maybe even 60° and put on a sweater.

Isn’t She Lovely?

Seattle Mayor Using Homeless Response Cops for Personal Protection
Seattle Mayor utilizes officers from defunded homeless response team for personal protection

It’s good to be the nomenklatura:

During cuts to the Seattle Police Department’s budget last year in response to the “defund the police” movement, Seattle City Council voted to cut the Seattle Police Department’s Navigation Team that had the responsibility of clearing the city’s violent homeless encampments and referring campers to social services.

However, it has been revealed that Seattle police officers who were on the Navigation Team have been reassigned to provide personal protection for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, despite a significant increase in violent crime throughout the encampments and a decrease in deployable officers citywide due to early retirements and resignations in the wake of the defund the police movement.

Multiple sources within SPD confirmed that officers from the former Navigation Team and North Precinct patrol provide 24/7 security outside of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s multi-million dollar home in an upscale Seattle neighborhood.


Excellent reporting, as usual, by The Post Millennial.

Insanity Wrap lived in San Francisco in the mid-’90s, when the homeless situation was bad but not out-of-control bad like it is today in SF and in Seattle.

We hadn’t lived there long before we started carrying an open pack of cheap generic cigarettes to hand out to the panhandling homeless.

They could be quite aggressive if you didn’t give them something, but we preferred not to hand them any cold, hard cash.

They seemed happy to take the smokes, which were probably less bad for them than anything they were likely to do with even just a few dollars.

Still, sometimes we’d find ourselves walking with a little more …purpose… to get quickly away from certain vagrants without drawing too much attention. You could always tell which ones were more likely to be trouble.

Let us repeat: This was all back when the homeless situation was far better than it is today.

The difference can be summed up in one word: policing.

San Francisco used to do at least a little policing, even in the Tenderloin where Insanity Wrap lived, and it was enough to keep a lid on the worst of it.

Seattle hasn’t just defunded their police the way SF has, they actually cut “the Seattle Police Department’s Navigation Team that had the responsibility of clearing the city’s violent homeless encampments.”


Insanity Wrap wouldn’t walk the streets of downtown Seattle even with an open pack of James Bond’s special Q-enhanced cigarettes, capable of being used as tiny hand grenades or leaving a smokescreen to retreat behind.

But we sure would feel safe walking past Mayor Durkin’s swanky digs, knowing that Seattle’s specially-trained team was there 24/7, taking the very best care of just one house, instead of her constituents.

Your Weekly Dose of Mostly Peaceful Protest

#ProTip: If you’re attacking journalists, you’re doing anti-fascism wrong.

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The Craziest Person in the World (This Week)

75 doctors from South Florida hospitals staged a walkout to protest a surge in unvaccinated COVID-19 patients

This week’s craziest person in the world is anyone who still believes the first version of any scaretastical COVID-related story.

Yesterday you might have read about those 75 Florida doctors who walked out on strike to protest unvaccinated people flooding their hospitals.


But that’s not what happened.

As Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, corrected, “These doctors went outside for a few minutes this morning, NOT to ‘go on strike’ — but to urge people to get vaccinated to avoid hospitalization.”

Florida’s vaccination rate is right on track with the national average of 51% with two shots and 62% with at least one.

Given that Florida is home to a greater percentage of the 65-and-older crowd most likely to die of from with the Wuhan flu, the state is doing very well.

Still, the doctors were giving solid advice, according to the latest numbers: Unvaccinated adults 50+ are 17x more likely to die than vaxxed counterparts.

But Insanity Wrap would remind you once more that it’s only advice.

As with any other issue, assess your own risks and make your own decision.

That’s what liberty is all about, and we’re not about to sacrifice a little essential liberty for any temporary safety.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the week? On second thought, Insanity Wrap would like to see this printed on all our money where it currently says E Pluribus Unum.


Your Weekly Dose of Mandated Unity

AP/Reuters Feed Library
Emboldened Iran To Hold War Drills With Russia and China

Just another crack in the aging foundation of the post-WWII order largely built by the U.S. and for the benefit of us and our allies:

Iranian and Russian leaders announced on Monday that their countries, along with China, will hold joint maritime war exercises in the Persian Gulf later this year or early in 2022, according to Iran’s state-controlled media. The countries said they will focus on “shipping security and combating piracy” as the United States reduces its military footprint in the region following its marred withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The budding Sino-Russo-Iranian Axis will end up being far more formidable than the Warsaw Pact ever was, and at a time when the West is busy trying to commit cultural suicide.

Join us in a Bloody Mary or three?

Harsh, But Fair

One More Thing…

(Seen on MeWe.(

We apologize for nothing.

That’s a Wrap for this week.

Come back next week for another Insanity Wrap…


…assuming we make it that long.

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