The Left Accuses the Media of Warmongering After Barely a Week of Biden Criticism

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

Even conservatives concede the mainstream media has been relatively tough on the Biden administration’s Afghanistan debacle.

This leaves the president’s remaining vocal defenders perplexed and charging the press with effectively colluding with “national security elites” to be too tough on Biden.

First, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain attacked CNN with pitiful dishonesty.

Zany Jen Rubin then told Washington Post readers the poor president is an easy target.

At The Hill, Juan Williams rehashed White House talking points, blamed former President Donald Trump, and claimed Biden took responsibility and gave the “most effective, most honest foreign policy speech by an American president in the last 60 years.”

Democrats have more amicable relations with reporters due to ideological alignment, so negative stories disturb their natural order, and they often lash out with anger at such betrayal.

Biden and his cheerleaders, of course, are wrong. The media was not hawkish when each day from 2004-2008 brought anti-military, anti-Bush invective over Iraq.

And though I was not alive, glancing at history, media coverage of the Vietnam War was surely unfavorable toward military action.

The military is a function of government, and our press is biased toward government action. Even with its ignorance and blatant slant, the media has a soft spot for military action if they deem it motivated by humanitarianism.

Biden’s erroneous decisions in recent weeks have generated full condemnation from Republicans, with even the isolationist wing saying he poorly executed the policy.

Democrat politicians, including war veterans like Reps. Jason Crow and Seth Moulton, along with former Rep. Max Rose, broke with the administration over the ongoing humiliation.

Perhaps they dislike lies, such as Biden’s infamous July 8 stunner: “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”

The administration’s spin and prevarications are also atrocious. Press Secretary Jen Psaki audaciously said earlier this week it’s “irresponsible” to characterize Americans stranded in Afghanistan as “anything but a success.”

And if things were going swimmingly, the media surely would proclaim the withdrawal a great achievement.

Actions speak loudest though. Biden wouldn’t have been forced to send troops back to Afghanistan if the news weren’t catastrophic.