The Kruiser Kabana Episode 145: I'm Tired of Living in 'The Stand'

COVID Panic Porn Theater is reopening in America, just in time to ruin school kids’ lives everywhere.

My job involves spending a lot of time reading, writing, and talking about the Wuhan Bat Flu, which I’d obviously rather not do but here we are. This pandemic wasn’t apocalyptic, but you’d never know it if you’re hearing one of the members of the petty tyrant class talk. My most recent VIP column discusses their present and future plans and they ain’t pretty. I got to thinking about the fact that their constant fear-mongering occasionally makes it feel as if we actually are living in a postapocalyptic world like the one in Stephen King’s The Stand.


In this episode, I spend some time musing about how we freedom-loving folk might want to proceed if the Democrat Doomsday Cult keeps this nonsense up. It will surprise absolutely no one here that part of my plan involves weapons, ammunition, and beer.

If anybody wants to bring some board games that would be really cool.