The Morning Briefing: Bumbling Biden Roughed Up by Brits Over the Weekend

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Biden Off the Credibility Cliff

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My nightmares are filled with people wearing leotards.


I spent the weekend connecting with family and friends, and it was a much-needed reminder about what is really important. Not only did I avoid the news, but I also didn’t go anywhere near a television. Oh, much good Mexican food was consumed too. It was with no small amount of trepidation that I returned to the real world on Sunday night.

At the end of last week, we all learned that the British Parliament can hold the president of the United States in contempt. It was an eye-opening revelation about just how bad things were going for Joe Biden.

We were told all last year that electing Biden would mean that our allies would respect us again. I rejected the premise that they didn’t respect the United States while Trump was in office, largely because Democrats and the media insist that our friends in Europe hate us every time a Republican is in the White House.

Our friends on the other side of the Atlantic are, to put mildly, unimpressed with Biden and his administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Some of them were getting a little more vocal about it these past few days.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair weighed in on the situation, which Rick wrote about:

British media blew up yesterday following the publication of an op-ed in a prominent think tank publication by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who calls Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan “imbecilic.”

Blair, a darling of the left while he was in office, says Biden’s decision to pull the troops out was not based on any grand, strategic objective, but rather “in obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars.’”

Blair, who was prime minister during the 9/11 crisis and subsequent invasion of Afghanistan, noted in the article that no coalition troops had died in combat over the last 18 months.



As Rick noted, American lefties swooned over Blair for years because he never criticized Democrats. Well, that party is over.

My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell at our sister site RedState wrote a post on Saturday about both Biden and the American political media getting absolutely excoriated in an opinion piece in London’s Telegraph UK. Here’s an excerpt from the source material that Jennifer highlighted:

The world appears to have woken up to an important truth this week: which is that Joe Biden is a truly terrible president. It is a shame that it took America gifting Afghanistan back to the Taliban for so many people to realise this.

To be charitable, there were perhaps two reasons why this had not become more obvious before. The first is that Joe Biden is not Donald Trump and for a lot of the planet that seems to be recommendation enough to occupy the Oval Office. A break from the Trump show appealed to an awful lot of people.

But the second reason why too few realised what the world was going to get from a Biden presidency is that the US media simply didn’t ask the questions it needed to ask. Before the election a near entirety of the American media gave up covering it and simply campaigned for the Democrat nominee.

Given the way things are going, the media’s role in getting this idiot installed in the Oval Office borders on being criminal. At a minimum, it’s a tragedy that may take decades for this country to recover from.


The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media insisted that Joe Biden would bring some missing dignity and respect back to the presidency. Anyone who’d paid the slightest bit of attention to Biden’s political career knew how laughable that was. He was a hot-headed spaz who had very few legislative accomplishments despite being in the Senate for decades. They were selling a fictitious, non-existent version of Biden.

After just seven months of Biden’s reign of error, our enemies are laughing at us and our allies are condemning the administration’s ineptitude.

It’s frightening to think of how much damage the puppet president’s handlers can do between now and next year’s midterm elections.

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