The Kruiser Kabana Episode 144: 'Republicans Pounce!' Edition

A Slight Programming Change…

This was supposed to be the second episode of “Faith Week” here on the Kabana but my scheduled guest Jon Gabriel had something come up the morning we were supposed to record. He will be joining me sometime in the coming week.

As Joe Biden’s trainwreck of a week played out, even the hacks in the mainstream media were finding it difficult to refrain from criticizing their beloved. They were desperate for a shift in the narrative. By the end of the week, they weren’t talking so much about the president’s failures, but the Republicans’ reaction to them.


Expect a lot more of that in the next few days. Joe Biden isn’t going to suddenly get good at his job, we know that for sure. Even if he gets worse, the MSM won’t be able to keep up doing actual journalism for too long. Their biased little heads would explode.

I’m off to do a Xanax run.