[VIDEO] Kruiser's 'Beyond the Briefing'—Apocalypse Please!

The End Needs to Be Nigh…

Anyone who reads the stuff I write knows that I tend to not get too worked up by the political news of the day. Yeah, I’ll rant a little, but then I’m off to play video games and enjoy a good meal. Nothing lingers.

This guy we’ve got playing president right now is trying to make some stuff stick, especially after this past week. I am not going to let him. Always seeking new ways to cope, I’ve decided that it might be time for an apocalypse. The rapture. Sweet Meteor of Death. However you envision this earthly venture coming to a close, it’s time.


This may seem rather defeatist but I promise I’m cheery about the whole thing.

Well, as cheery as I can possibly be.

Please do enjoy my commentary on the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).