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SecDef Austin Contradicts Biden Again, Administration Issues Empty Threat at the Taliban

SecDef Austin Contradicts Biden Again, Administration Issues Empty Threat at the Taliban
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

ABC News has interviewed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. According to ABC, Austin has confirmed what Biden said was not happening on Friday, namely, that the Taliban is getting violent with Americans who are trying to get to the airport in Kabul to get out of Afghanistan. Austin said the same on Friday, and reporters there have confirmed it. An American mom who is stranded in Afghanistan told Fox that the Taliban is killing anyone it can find who worked with the United States and she fears they will eventually kill her.

During his brief press conference Friday, Biden said that was not happening. Is he lying or is he so far gone from reality that he just doesn’t know what’s going on? Those appear to be our only available options after Biden has repeatedly misrepresented the situation in Afghanistan.

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The second part of that tweet probably elicited a laugh in the presidential palace in Kabul. The Taliban took that last week and they are in control of the city and the area around the airport. Heck, they’re in control of the civilian side of the airport itself. They have the initiative on the ground around the airport. The Taliban is now in possession of a large amount of U.S. military hardware that Biden and his team left there as if it’s a gift for them. For the impotent, incompetent, and catastrophically idiotic Biden administration to tell the Taliban they “must” do anything is absurd and no one knows that better than the Taliban. Biden’s decisions have directly built the Taliban into a well-equipped fighting force.

They could literally respond to Joe Biden with two words: “Or what?”

And he would have no good answer. One grenade or pipe bomb changes everything. His options are to allow the Taliban and events to dictate everything from the facts on the ground there to his own schedule in the United States, or he could deploy thousands of troops with orders to take control of the situation. The first continues the unsustainable disaster that his presidency is on its current trajectory, the second overturns the reason he withdrew and resumes a very hot shooting war that he claims he wanted to avoid — and which actually ended about 18 months ago. Given the circumstances, there’s a better than even chance that Biden loses that war, because he has no evident idea of what he’s doing from one minute to the next, and his entire national security team is incompetent.