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Kamala Harris Comments on Afghanistan, Cackles, and Proves She's a Moral Hologram

Kamala Harris Comments on Afghanistan, Cackles, and Proves She's a Moral Hologram
VP Kamala Harris departs for Singapore and Vietnam while American credibility melts down.

Kamala Harris left Washington Friday night for a pre-planned trip to Singapore and Vietnam. Apparently the symbolism of going to the place America last surrendered to escape responsibility for the place America just surrendered has escaped her and her handlers. They have no sense of history unless they can twist it to smear America. The optics that so drive and motivate this administration did not get her or her handlers’ attention. Harris was Veeping all over the place.

She’d gone silent for nearly a week as the crisis spun wildly out of control, but as our sister site RedState noticed, Harris did offer some brief comments shortly before departing on her purposeless trip. Harris is every bit as much culpable for this as her boss, as she said herself before the utter collapse of American credibility. She accepted no responsibility though.

Harris says, quite unconvincingly, that Afghanistan is her “highest priority.” She’s heading to Singapore as she said this, and not to discuss Afghanistan with anyone.

Harris also cackled inappropriately at the reporters who were trying to ask her questions about the Americans who remain stranded behind the lines of a barbaric enemy in Afghanistan. This is not a moment that ought to elicit any sort of laughter. The stakes could not be higher. But Harris laughs.

Harris demonstrates inauthenticity here, as RedState’s Bonchie notes, and she demonstrates another thing as well: her total and complete unreadiness to lead anything, let alone a major crisis with American credibility very much on the line. Harris cackles, tries to buy a little time, then says nothing useful at all while projecting that vacuousness many of us saw long before November of 2020. There’s simply nothing there.

And we shouldn’t forget that Harris didn’t merely fail to solve the border crisis. She failed to even try to solve it. She never even showed up for the job.

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Joe Biden is not capable of leading, that much has been clear since long before his ascension to the Oval Office. He has never been a leader in any sense of the word. He couldn’t organize a kids’ t-ball league. The Democrats nominated him because he isn’t Bernie and the media propped him up to get Trump. He was never properly evaluated in his own right based on his own qualities or lack thereof.

He chose Harris as one of his first acts as the Democrats’ nominee. Harris is incapable of projecting the character, the clear-eyed resolve, the seriousness, and decisiveness — the moral fiber — that the moment demands. That’s because she does not have those qualities. Biden didn’t choose Harris for any sort of leadership qualities, of course, he chose her because he stupidly painted himself into a corner and forced himself to choose a woman of color, and then chose the inauthentic, off-putting Kamala Harris, whose personality had already caused her to flame out from the presidential race. She brought nothing to the ticket and brings nothing to the table now.

Biden wanted to make history. Well, he is.

Calls are growing for Biden to resign, and for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley to resign. Those calls are reasonable given the circumstances, but the fact is, America has no leaders at any senior level of our government who have the mettle to handle this. They all led us into this mess. They have no capability for getting us out of it. They’re trying to lie and gaslight their way out of it now, but the largest of many problems with that is that thousands of Americans may well be taken hostage or die in a foreign capital on their watch. Those are poor optics indeed for an administration that prioritizes optics above all else, including America’s interests. They might blunder their way into something that works, but that’s the only way they will get there, and it’s unlikely.

Biden is now being compared to failed presidents from James Buchanan to Jimmy Carter, but this is unfair to both of them. For all of their considerable flaws, both could be counted as men who loved their country and surrounded themselves with others who believed the same. They made deeply poor choices but they fundamentally believed in America. He’s probably closer to Woodrow Wilson, the racist authoritarian who among other things helped resurrect the Klan. Biden has helped resurrect another monster. Well, more than once, if you include the Taliban and ISIS.

Joe Biden spent the campaign and his first eight months in office trashing the United States as a systemically racist hellhole that must be fundamentally transformed. He turned the power of the state against fellow Americans and turned the most powerful military in the world into a woke struggle session. He is trying to turn the whole nation into a woke college faculty lounge. He empowers America-haters and Marxists throughout his administration. Harris is one of those he empowered. Austin and Milley shouldn’t get a pass. Those two lickspittle yes-men went along with all of it and Austin still says he supports everything Biden is doing now including politicizing the military. If Austin had any honor he would already be gone, and the same goes for Milley. Yes, they should go. But what then?

Resignations of Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Sullivan, Milley, and so forth would bring some needed accountability but would actually solve nothing. Nothing. We have no capable national leaders and there appear to be none on the horizon among Biden’s chosen administration.