The Morning Briefing: Humorless Democrat Marxists Are Terrified of the Babylon Bee

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Democrats Have Had Their Sense of Humor Surgically Removed

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. There are probably drugs in the pancakes.


The old saying says that laughter is the best medicine, but I think people who believe that have never tried Vicodin and red wine. Still, I obviously find humor important, especially when the paycheck depends upon it.

America was a different place when I first went on the road doing stand-up. It seemed like everyone wanted to laugh back then. I would do gigs in big cities and medium-sized towns all over the country and they would all be packed. There was no political divide when it came to comedy. I kid you not, Republicans and Democrats would sit in the same audiences and laugh at the same things.

I’m not concussed, I swear.

The humor landscape is rocky, rutted, and divided now. People on the left seem to have opted for reaction over laughter these days. They want comics and writers to give them politically approved lines that make them smile and cheer rather than laugh. That all began when The Lightbringer was in office and humorists on the left were not allowed to make fun of His High Messianic Holiness Barack Obama. Because of that, they spent eight years reworking the same Sarah Palin joke. A joke that wasn’t funny in the first place.

It’s all been a toilet swirl to the sewer for liberal humor since then. It has to be safe and pre-approved, and it really doesn’t resemble humor anymore.

Which brings us to the Babylon Bee. The wonderfully funny satire site fills a void created by the left’s obsession with making humor political and humorless.

I am not a big fan of political humor in any form because it’s difficult to do and it is rarely done well.


The Babylon Bee does it very well:

Because it pokes fun at all the things the dour lefties hold sacred and have on their protected species list, they’ve deemed the Bee some sort of threat to democracy and are always looking for ways to harass the site. Tyler wrote about the latest incident:

On Thursday, the online integrated marketing company Mailchimp suspended The Babylon Bee’s account, claiming that the system detected “harmful information” in the Bee’s emails. After Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon shared the news on Twitter, Mailchimp apologized. It was too late, however.

“I’d email everyone to let them know [Mailchimp] just suspended our account but Mailchimp just suspended our account,” Dillon announced on Twitter. Like many other companies, The Babylon Bee uses Mailchimp to send out emails to its broad email list. Without Mailchimp, the Bee could not tell its subscribers that Mailchimp had suspended the satire site.

Shortly after Dillon shared the news on Twitter, Mailchimp responded, saying that the company had reinstated the account.

This is a common tactic for harassing conservatives: suspend an account for a while and then issue an “Oops, our bad…” statement after the damage is done. It may seem like a little thing but it adds up. All of us in conservative media and entertainment get targeted like this.

People on the other side never do.


Facebook is the worst of the lot when it comes to bullying conservative sites, and Tyler had another post earlier in the week about its new approach to the Bee:

Last week, Facebook announced that it would clarify the “satire exception” to its “Hate Speech Community Standard.” While this is welcome news for the expansion of content on Facebook, the platform also suggested it would act as a kind of satire police, ruling out certain kinds of satire that “punch down” or communicates “hateful ideas.” Almost as if on cue, Slate published an article on Tuesday attacking The Babylon Bee for — you guessed it — “punching down.”

In responding to a satirical meme that Facebook removed for “Hate Speech,” the platform’s oversight board made a few recommendations for expanding and then policing satire on the platform.

“Facebook should include the satire exception, which is currently not communicated to users, in the public language of the Hate Speech Community Standard,” the board recommended. Facebook agreed to do this.

“Facebook should make sure that it has adequate procedures in place to address satirical content and relevant context properly including by providing content moderators with additional resources,” the board also suggested.

So, Facebook is OK with satirical humor as long as it’s not mean. They’re adding a subjective criterion to something that’s already highly subjective.

Of course, the left’s approach to humor doesn’t really factor in subjectivity. They favor an Orwellian, top-down nightmare that tells people what they can and cannot laugh at. In other words, they’ve removed the essence of what makes funny, funny.


They can suck the life out of anything.

The Babylon Bee doesn’t just needle the left, it goes after plenty of sacred cows on both sides. Leftists can’t understand that. It’s probably one of the things that makes them so unhinged about the Bee. They’re the grownups that progressives can never be. And they have fun doing it.

We all know how much the left hates fun.

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