Biden Rushes to Hide Dr. Fauci's RIDICULOUS Claim From This Twitter Video

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

President Joe Biden’s official Twitter account pushed out a video from Dr. Anthony Fauci in order to convince young, healthy Americans to get vaccinated. The White House has admitted that the United States will not meet Biden’s July 4 goal of getting 70% of Americans vaccinated, but they are still trying. They’re failing probably because the carrot of celebrating the holiday if we meet the goal no longer holds water. America will gather, grill, drink, and set off fireworks together whether we meet it or not.

To continue to push everyone 12 and over to get vaccinated, the account tweeted a video of Fauci spreading fear about the so-called Delta variant. During the video, Dr.” I Am Science” Fauci introduced himself by name and super expert title for anyone who has been living under a rock. During his public service announcement, he reverted to terrible messaging, saying that vaccinated people need to avoid large group settings. According to Fauci, this is especially important in areas where those horrible anti-vaxers have not complied with the obligatory jab and where infections are high.

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Positive tests have decreased 6% since last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). There is also not a single state showing a significant upswing in positive tests. The seven-day average for daily deaths per 100,000 is 0.61. Thus, it is not clear from looking at multiple data sources where in the United States a significant increase in positive tests is occurring.

COVID-19 Fauci Biden
CDC COVID-19 tracker data

Further, the number of tests is bottoming out, and percent positivity is still below 2%. Even though the yellow percent positive line has a slight bend upward, that is because of the lower number of total tests.

COVID-19 Fauci Biden
CDC COVID-19 tracker data

So who precisely should deprive themselves of going to the array of community events restarting after more than a year in some places? Exactly no one, if you look at the data. If the vaccines are as effective as the CDC data suggest, the idea that people who have had their vaccine should avoid events is absurd.

Maybe this was some twisted attempt at peer pressure, but people would have to be listening for that to work. There is plenty of public information about possible severe side effects. The CDC safety panel just confirmed that there is a likely association between the COVID-19 vaccine and cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in patients under 30.

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Weird how that isn’t on every corporate media channel, and Fauci never mentions it. Under these conditions, Americans have eyes and can see what is going on around them. Most of them aren’t seeing a lot of COVID-19 while people resume normal lives. Apparently, the White House figured that out. The staff deleted the tweet. A short time later, the team posted a new video. The folks at caught the switcheroo:

The White House removed the section that cautioned vaccinated individuals not to party with groups of those nasty, stupid anti-vaxers:

Even with the deletion, the video is still leaving out half the story about the Delta variant. Fauci correctly notes that the Delta variant is more contagious. It transmits from human to human more efficiently. That is interesting, but what does it mean? As of right now, the information confirms that vaccinated individuals remain well protected from infection and severe illness if exposed. While there are no specific studies, there are no significant reports of recovered patients becoming severely ill with the Delta variant.

The CDC has called the Delta variant a “variant of concern” because of the increased transmission. Fauci says that because younger people have lower vaccination rates, they are more at risk. As per usual, he never comments on recovered individuals who are numerous in the population under 40. Fauci then says the Delta variant can be more dangerous. Your first question might be how.

He never makes the claim that this variant is more deadly, specifically to a younger population. Maybe because that would be lying. The UK National Health Service has been tracking all variants and published data on case fatality rates. They modified their PCR tests to pick up the S gene, common to the Delta variant and missing from others. They calculated the case fatality rate (CFR), which is the number of deaths among patients with laboratory-confirmed cases.

The CFR for the Delta variant is not much higher than the infection fatality rate (IFR) of the seasonal flu, which is 0.1%, according to the World Health Organization (WHO):

COVID-19 Fauci Biden
UK government COVID-19 data.

If all other age and pre-existing condition assumptions remain, young, healthy individuals infected with the Delta variant would be at lower risk than those infected with the Alpha variant. Unfortunately, the data do not break out  by demographics. The advantage of the UK data is that the researchers are testing for and tracking by variant. The United States is not doing so on a population scale.

However, as you can see from the chart, we have at least four more variants to live through. So you can expect the White House to use the same tactics to push vaccinations and possibly boosters. Until the experts answer precisely what the new or enhanced danger is, you have the right to be skeptical — and to make the best decision for your own health with the advice of your doctor and the information available.