The Morning Briefing: President Puppet Finally Schedules a Press Conference

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President Biden Promises to Use His Words…Eventually

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My piccolo concerto is coming along just fine, thank you.


Full disclosure: I was one of those people who thought that the Democrats would have hit President Biden with a 25th Amendment coup by now. After a while, I realized that they prefer having him in place and pulling his puppet strings. They type up the executive orders, tell Ol’ Gropes to sign them, and the dismantling of the Republic proceeds apace.

I also wasn’t factoring in Kamala Harris’s soaring ambition. She’d like Biden to last at least two years so that she can have a ten-year run in office. If the Democrats succeed in their efforts to make the “anomalies” from last year a permanent part of our elections, we may never see another Republican president again. Madam Vice President has probably been redecorating the Oval Office in her head since Inauguration Day but she knows that patience is the best strategy now.

Back in December, though, I was telling everyone that Biden wouldn’t make it to March 1st in office.

Once it became apparent that the old boy would be hanging around for a while I began wondering how they would be able to employ the basement strategy that worked so well for them during the campaign. They can’t let Biden get too much time before the cameras. The potential for embarrassment is always just one short video away with this drooling fool.

I was asked in January how they could hide the president of the United States. Keeping the COVID panic ratcheted up gives them an ongoing excuse for the president’s lack of public availability.


One thing I didn’t consider at the time was that Team Biden would simply refuse to do press conferences. They’ve been blowing off their beloved advocacy press corps for a couple of months already.

That’s all finally changing now. A date has been put on the calendar for Biden’s first presser and I, for one, can’t wait to see the train wreck happen.

Beth Baumann at Townhall has more:

President Joe Biden will hold his first press conference on March 25, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Tuesday.

The press conference will take place on his 64th day in office, making this the longest period in the 100 years that a new president has not held a solo meeting with the mess. According to Fox News, President Donald Trump held his first press conference 27 days into his presidency. President Barack Obama’s first presser was 20 days into his administration and President George Bush’s was in office for 33 days before his first press conference.

The news comes after the press repeatedly asked Psaki when Biden was planning to hold a press conference. The White House has used the pandemic to curb the number of reporters in the briefing room and requiring some reporters to submit questions prior to one of Psaki’s briefings, the New York Post reported.

There is something deliciously Biden-esque about the announcement coming so many days before the event. It’s like they are basically admitting that he needs a lot of prep time to take a few softball questions. We’re not really going to believe that the press corps is going to grill Biden with serious questions, are we? Maybe they’ll go the Obama route and ask him what he’s found most enchanting about the presidency so far.


No, America’s shame is that this president can’t string three sentences together without a month of practice. The press corps will be complicit in making sure that the event is something they can heap praise on Biden for later. Sadly, the bar is so low for him that if he simply manages to avoid chewing on his toes while he’s up there they’ll call it a success.

Don’t bet on this happening. There’s still plenty of time for them to manufacture a reason to postpone the press conference. That’s probably why they gave more than a week’s notice.

This should be a lot of fun.

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