Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr Show How to Handle Woke-a-Trons

Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr Show How to Handle Woke-a-Trons
Bill Burr and his wife, Nia Renee Hill. Photo from Twitter.

Bill Burr presented some awards and made some jokes at the Grammys Sunday. I wasn’t watching, and only heard about it later, being one of the vast majority of Americans who could not find a way to care less about the Grammys or any other shows on which famous people congratulate themselves and give each other trophies for being famous.


Searching for a way to care less…coming up empty.

Burr isn’t politically correct, that’s his thing, and his jokes Sunday night weren’t politically correct.

Some people had a problem with this and called him a racist. Because it’s 2021, that problem had to become the entire world’s problem.

Others pointed out that Burr probably isn’t a racist since there’s no evidence he is and, by the way, his wife, the multi-talented actress and producer Nia Renee Hill, is black.

Some people still had a problem with Burr. One of them is a failed candidate for office by the name of Clayburn Griffin. He’s on Twitter, which apparently exists to elevate stupid opinions.

See for yourself.

That’s disgusting in every way. It has no redeeming facets whatsoever. It’s gross.


As a white man who, like Burr, also has a non-white wife, permit me to say, “Shut up, idiot.” I’m thinking of a lot of other words along with those.

We and our kids face enough nonsense without the likes of your buffoonish Gen Z or whatever self-being that special combination of ignorant, opinionated, exhibitionist, and judgey that you are. It’s tiresome, it’s toxic, and it’s ruining our country.

We’ve had people, who evidently agree with leftist Griffin, shout racial epithets at us while driving past us on a busy city street. City — as in, where Democrats like him control everything. It doesn’t happen in the countryside. We grew up out in the sticks singing a song about how God loves everyone no matter what color they are. What songs did Mr. Griffin grow up singing?

Nia Renee Hill has an analogous but more pungent response than mine.

I have nothing to add to that.

Burr and Hill are doing something important, though, which is to not apologize or back down in the face of woke dopery. Don’t be like that guy who used to be in Mumford & Sons. He groveled and now no one on either side respects him, and he helped the wokes make the world a worse place.


Exit question: Bill Burr has a role on The Mandalorian, a Disney property within the greater Star Wars universe. Disney fired Gina Carano for going against the leftist grain, while retaining Pedro Pascal for a similarly rendered, though woke and leftist, take on current events. How long before Mao’s House finds a reason to part ways with Bill Burr, too?

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