The Morning Briefing: Resistance to Tyranny Is Being Served for Thanksgiving 2020

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Resistance Is a Dish Best Served NOW

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I finally have a fire pit, so I will be inviting you all over soon.

It was just Monday that we were talking about the return of the COVID panic-porn lockdown tyrants and the fact that they seem to have been supercharged by the apparent election of Joe Biden.


Here we are just a few days later and the lust for petty tyranny has turned into an orgiastic assault on family gatherings and Thanksgiving. They’re really enjoying flexing their political muscles and if this is the way it’s going to be, even before #NotMyPresident gets to the White House, we are in for some very dark times.

Grandpa Gropes hasn’t told the minions to cancel Thanksgiving just yet, but he did tell everyone that they had to keep it under ten people.

There have been a variety of restrictions put back in place in several states, all coming with huge caveats about spending time with family and giving thanks next Thursday. In an effort to convey the gravity of the situation, lefties are resorting to their favorite scare tactic — telling you that you are going to kill Grandma:

“We don’t really want to see mamaw at Thanksgiving and bury her by Christmas,” said Dr. Mark Horne, president of the Mississippi State Medical Association. “It’s going to happen. You’re going to say ‘Hi’ at Thanksgiving, ‘It was so great to see you,’ and you’re going to either be visiting by FaceTime in the ICU or planning a small funeral before Christmas.”

It’s always Grandma who’s going to die. Never Grandpa, or the parents, or weird Uncle Joe. Just Grandma. It’s quite clear that Democrats hate grandmothers. Can we really trust their advice on anything?

I was talking to a friend here in Arizona the other day, telling him how nice it’s been seeing life sort of back to normal here recently. I said that there might be a revolt if everything got shut down again. Thankfully, we haven’t had to find out yet.


There does seem to be some discontent brewing in places with more tyrannical leadership.

Gavin Newsom was naturally one of the first to start clamping down again. He soon revealed himself to be a complete hypocrite with his foray to the ultra-tony French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley. More details emerged, along with some pictures of Newsom’s folly, which Victoria wrote about on Wednesday:

So let’s compare his dinner at one of the country’s most expensive restaurants to his edicts for our turkey day.

Note several things about the photos below.

  • No masks are being worn. Odd, for a man who has insisted that Californians wear their masks between bites
  • They are sitting in tight alliance – “shoulder to shoulder” – at the table, instead of six feet apart
  • Almost all the guests are from about a dozen different families
  • They were not seated outside.
  • FOX News LA talked to a witness who said that the group was boistrous and loud – perhaps almost be as bad as exerting oneself or singing!

Thankfully, no grandmothers were killed during the gathering.

Newsom’s hypocrisy isn’t the first instance of our COVID-shaming betters violating their own rules. Guy Benson has a good breakdown over at Townhall about the “erosion of credibility” that all of this has caused.

People are tired of the totalitarian garbage and it’s beginning to show everywhere.

Sen. Rand Paul says that he is going to fight the lockdowns and mask mandates that are all part of the Biden fever.


In New York, a number of sheriffs have publicly stated that they won’t be enforcing any of Gov. Andrew “Fredo the Elder” Cuomo’s Thanksgiving rules.

Democrats have long been working on eroding the nuclear family, so it’s easy to see that the crackdown on Thanksgiving really doesn’t have that much to do with COVID-19. This obviously tees up a shot at Christmas for them too. This virus has been a wonderful excuse for leftists to go after a variety of things, like the Trump economy, happy families, and religion.

The Supreme Court will soon get to weigh in on some of the COVID-related worship restrictions in New York City.

Gropey Joe has been blathering on about unity. He may get some bipartisan cooperation that he hadn’t planned on if a lot of Democrats decide they’re sick of the panic and spend Thanksgiving with their families too.

So this is the resistance.

Pass the mashed potatoes, please, this is delicious.

An Idea for My Conservative Friends in L.A. Suffering From California Stockholm Syndrome

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