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Thousands of People Packed the Streets for Biden, and Now He Wants You to Cancel Thanksgiving

Thousands of People Packed the Streets for Biden, and Now He Wants You to Cancel Thanksgiving
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Joe Biden may or may not be good for America over the next four (?) years, but at least that goofy old coot will provide a lot of fodder for anybody who keeps track of liberal hypocrisy. All politicians are shameless hypocrites, of course, or we never would’ve heard of them in the first place. But only the Democrats enjoy the full backing and support of the media.

Here’s an example. Jordan Williams, The Hill:

President-elect Joe Biden said on Monday that Americans should limit their Thanksgiving gatherings to 10 people due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There should be no group more than 10 people in one room inside the home,” Biden said during remarks on the economy…

He said that he and his wife, Jill Biden, have narrowed down which of their family members they will have over for Thanksgiving, and made sure that they were recently tested.

No word yet if Hunter is invited, or if he’s bringing any of his various laptops.

Okay, I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again: Are we in a pandemic or not?

“But they were outside!” Yeah, thronged together, cheering in each other’s faces and sharing bottles of booze.

“But they were wearing masks!” Which are not magical force-fields at the molecular level, especially when you’re yelling and screaming and singing. The virus doesn’t care why you’re spreading it.

It’s barely been a week since we saw this behavior and the media’s open approval of it. (You know if Trump had won and his voters were packing the streets, the media would have declared it a war crime.) And now you can’t have more than 10 people to your house for Thanksgiving?

Why 10? What happens if an 11th person shows up? Does the virus know that’s the time to strike?

Every day for the last four years, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters have been screaming that Trump is a fascist. Now they’re applauding his successor for telling you what you can and cannot do in your own home.

Meanwhile, Democrats can do whatever they want. Sure, they might be forced to put out a strange, insincere apology, like Gavin Newsom just did:

And of course, Newsom’s apology was BS, because he lied about it:

And guess who he was hanging out with?

As another despot once said: “For my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.” And Newsom will get away with it, because he’s a Democrat.

I’ve seen this phenomenon called “the chump effect”: The rules only apply to the people who are willing to follow them, and you’re expected to shut your trap about anybody who doesn’t. You have to do what you’re told, even as you watch others flout the rules with no consequences. So you feel like a chump, and you resent it. If the rules don’t apply to everybody, why should they apply to anybody?

This is a really good way to break down a society.

The virus is real. It’s killing people, and a lot of the survivors are dealing with severe long-term health problems. And our leaders are doing everything within their power to ensure that we don’t trust them.

So, Thanksgiving will be as miserable as everything else in 2020. But I disagree with Charlie Kirk that leftists hate the holiday:

Nah. Lefties love Thanksgiving! They can’t wait for it. Every November, they publish articles like “Clap Back at the Republican Relatives You Hate” and “How to Explain to Your Trump-Loving Uncle That Socialism Is Actually Good.” They’re bummed that they won’t get to make you miserable this year.

I have no idea what I’m going to do on November 26, but wherever I am, I’m going to give thanks that I can still think for myself. Sorry, Democrats.

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