Game Plan: Biden

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

While hope springs eternal that the Democrats’ Big Cheat election will somehow be overturned in the courts, it’s important to talk now about strategy going forward if it isn’t.

Memo from Captain Obvious: without a Republican Senate, if the Harris/Biden “Grand Theft Electoral” prevails, you might as well tear out the first 100 pages of the Republican playbook. Every play will be a “Hail Mary.” The GOP has got to win the Georgia run-offs.

Reports at Newsmax over the weekend continue to provide hope for a “Hail Mary” overturn of 2020’s election. Trump senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis, along with team leader Rudy Giuliani, appeared loaded for bear with arguments challenging what they characterized as a president-elect sham put forth by big media, a bogus narrative they claim will soon begin to collapse in light of forthcoming revelations. Trump attorney Sidney Powell emerged with her evocative “Kraken” card.

Dominion, Dominion, Dominion.

Newsmax coverage of the pro-Trump D.C. rally was a balm against despair for Trump Nation. Agitator violence against Trump supporters after darkness fell shaped up the “same as it ever was.”

It is critical that Trump’s legal warriors continue their onslaught.

Even if Joe Biden is ultimately installed, efforts to expose the fraud by presenting incisive evidence will certify the truth and cement a suspicion already shared by millions of Americans: the election was stolen. When this reality permeates the collective consciousness of a fair-minded majority, if it hasn’t already, it will set in stone the patent illegitimacy of any Biden presidency. Not to mention create a groundswell of support for reforming the third-world inadequacies of what should be the pinnacle of world-class voting systems.

After mortally wounding Harris/Biden’s claim on the Oval Office, Game Plan Biden should advance to its two foundational stratagems, capital “O” obstruction and permanent ongoing investigation. Again, a Senate majority is critical. Control of the Senate, aligned with improved representation in the House, should ensure that nothing remotely resembling anything the Democrats ran on gets through. While there might be some isolated issues Biden and the GOP can agree upon, like the Democrats agreed with Republicans on Trump’s criminal justice reform bill, the vast majority of Democrat policy proposals must face withering rhetorical fire in the House and be considered dead on arrival in the Senate.

It must now be taken on faith that ostensible Senate Majority Leader McConnell will take a personal interest in mustering his power and influence to block any bills that President Trump would not have approved. There’s no question that McConnell has a 71-million-vote mandate to greet any proposed Democrat legislation like Eric Swalwell and Jerrold Nader’s arrival at a chili cook-off.

In furtherance of this impermeable obstructionist strategy will be the role of the Supreme Court. The high court must step in on inarguable constitutional grounds to thwart what may become a toxic tide of Democrat-crafted and Biden-delivered executive orders.

Mention of the court brings us to the second weapon the Right must deploy against transformative Leftist policymaking: investigation. From Inauguration Day forward, there must be no second in which Biden’s questionable foreign entanglements and quid pro quo deals are not under the hot lamp of inquisitors like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz. Unlike with the Russia, Ukraine, and impeachment charges that targeted Trump, Biden’s future prosecutors have substantive evidence of real corruption, and charges that could irreparably cripple the former VP’s operative abilities. (Note: we’re talking here about his administration’s abilities, not Biden’s obvious cognitive impairment.)

Will the forever-discredited media cover the GOP’s investigatory regime? No, but being under the constant, damning scrutiny (tell us about it) of Republicans with a fresh 2020 mandate will place Old Joe in an unenviable position. As Mr. Trump has pointed out, “Biden is weak.” As the second debate showed, he is particularly susceptible to becoming angry and “rattled” when the subject of his scandalous foreign misadventures is thrown in his face. Republicans must ensure that Biden is never out from under a Damocles sword of dogging investigations and probes. It is beholden upon conservative office-holders to give Adam “Shifty” Schiff a bile-inducing taste of his own medicine.

Kamala Harris, should she ever become president? That’s a different column.

So, is a two-pronged, relentless strategy of obstruction and investigation warranted should Biden capture the White House on the wings of illegal votes and allegedly corrupted voting machines? They never gave President Trump a modicum of support, a moment of peace, a single period of time in which they were not trying to bring him down. The Deep State and Democratic Socialist cabal worked methodically, stealthily, and then quite transparently, to upend a duly-elected president of the United States.

God willing, President Trump will somehow secure his rightfully-won second term, and a contingency game plan won’t be needed. But if it is, should Biden somehow become president, the way forward is clear. The halls of national governance must be littered with the rotting carcasses and hollowed husks of the Democrat agenda.

We’ve seen the post-election histrionics of vociferous Trump-haters like Stephen “Cock-Holster” Colbert and Van “Mr. White-lash” Jones, crying on television in the throes of alternating heartbreak and joyfulness.

They–along with the Democratic Party and its accomplice media– helped make this bed. Now they’re going to have to lie in it.

Mark Ellis is Associate Editor at the Northwest Connection, Portland, Oregon’s only conservative web/print publication. He is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.