The Morning Briefing: Trump Overcomes Horrid, Biased Moderator to KO Biden in 2nd Debate

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Trump Levels Grandpa Gropes 

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. May the #TGIF be upon you.

Here we are, kids, the final debate is behind us and it’s all up to Democrat voter fraud now.


Before we get to my ramblings about the debate you should give Tyler’s recap a read and check out VodkaPundit’s Drunkblog reactions as they happened in real time.

Let me be clear about something up front here: last night’s debate wasn’t even close. President Trump won this thing in a rout, even though you won’t be finding that out from any mainstream media outlets.

I would once again remind you all that I am the resident pessimist and curmudgeon here at PJ Media when it comes to this election and the president’s chances, so it’s not as if I am simply offering some MAGA fan-boy stuff here. I thought Trump was awful in the first debate.

I also thought Biden was awful in the first debate too, just to clarify.

Trump had to overcome the same obstacle every Republican faces in these contests: a thoroughly biased moderator. Kristen Welker of NBC News is being lauded on social media and by her colleagues in the MSM for her performance. The nicest thing I can honestly say about her is that she was less awful than Chris Wallace.

Welker was continually interrupting the president. As the evening wore on, she became more shrill. Her voice took on that angry girlfriend tone that Savannah Guthrie used during the town hall event with President Trump last week.

When Biden spoke, however, Welker didn’t say a word.

Once again, the questions seemed as if they’d been faxed to Welker from the Democratic National Committee. Far too much time was spent on the coronavirus conversation. That, of course, is the Harris-Biden campaign’s only real play here, so of course someone from NBC News would make sure it got the most air time. Then she transitioned to kids at the border. Climate change. Blah, blah, Democrat, blah.


Precious little time was spent on Biden’s plans to gouge American taxpayers, his sleazebag son, or anything else that might really matter to any Americans who are still undecided. I was surprised Welker didn’t ask President Trump to apologize for Watergate.

Biden rattled off one unsubstantiated claim after another, including more Russia nonsense, never once being challenged by Welker, who was obviously there to babysit him. Here was one of my favorite descriptions of her performance:

It was plain to see that Biden had attempted to memorize a script. Just as in the first debate, he never directly answered a question. He’d launch into a talking point, then say, “This guy,” and begin a personal attack on the president that wasn’t germane to the question. By the end of the debate, he was glitching a lot and having difficulty remembering the script. He also had difficulty articulating any of his own policies. He just kept telling people to look at his website to know what he thought.

Despite having to deal with Welker’s maddening bias all night, the president kept remarkably calm, employing a sotto voce approach and saving his crescendos for maximum effect.

Trump also went back to playing the Washington outsider, a tactic that helped him win in 2016. Even though he’s been there for four years now, it pales in comparison to Biden’s almost half-century in D.C. Trump repeatedly pointed out that Biden never got anything done when he was there and that it’s kind of ridiculous to think anything is going to be different if he’s president.


President Trump made his case for re-election very well, while Biden slurred and said “This guy…” a lot. It would have been an even clearer victory for the president if every topic and question hadn’t been framed by Democrat friendlies.

The MSM is naturally carrying water for Biden. An NBC News panel of “experts” all graded the debate as close but gave the edge to Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep.

That’s laughable. It wasn’t close.

Don’t let the Enemy of the People discourage you.


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