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'Handmaids' Stage Infantile Wing-Ding to Counter 'Christian Fascist Handmaid' Amy Coney Barrett. Sigh.

Twitter screenshot (@FordFischer).

If there is no real-life dystopia and authentically fascistic thing to complain about, just pretend it’s happening. Make it up. Dress up in costumes, toss it on a sandwich board, block a building, and livestream the cops arresting you. Then send out a press release calling yourself brave.

Members of the same leftist mob that lied about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s membership in a Catholic organization they claimed was right out of the sex-slave/baby-maker plot of the dystopian A Handmaid’s Tale were out in front of the Dirksen Senate building on Thursday chanting with their mask-muffled voices while blocking the door.

Capitol Police sorted them out quickly.

Inside, what was left of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted out Barrett’s nomination after Democrats abandoned the hearing to object to the appointment before the election.

The antifa street theater members, who apparently didn’t have any pressing jobs to get to, declared that if Barrett is elevated to the highest Court in the land it naturally follows that Trump is stealing the election.

Can we quote you on that?

So strangled and disjointed was the “connection” between A Handmaid’s Tale and Trump stealing the election that one had to go to the protesters’ website in search of their Rosetta Stone of reason.

Refuse Fascism “handmaids” arrested protesting Senate’s illegitimate confirmation of Christian fascist handmaid Amy Coney Barrett Handmaids Brigade demands: Stop the Confirmation! TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW — Theocracy + Stealing Election = Fascism

Oh, it’s all so clear to us now.

The screaming and chanting coven in their silly costumes was taking call-and-response cues from a man – at least I think it was a man. (I used to see a woman at the Portland protests all the time who had a beard, so I can’t be sure.) Nevertheless, here’s what he/she/her was chanting:

“Stop the confirmation! Stay in the streets! From the ballot to the streets, Trump Pence we must defeat!”

In addition to the non-sequiturs, there was also screaming about losing the right to abortion and becoming an “incubator” for men’s babies. May I just mention that Roe v. Wade (1973) is subsumed by the Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) decision and even if Roe went away there would still be abortion at the state level? Handmaids don’t want you to know that abortion is here to stay because it takes all the fun out of dressing up and playing make-believe.

The one redeeming thing about the group’s antics is that their incessant chanting drowned out the nearby Democrat senators who had walked out of the Judiciary Committee hearing to object to Trump’s court pick. They held a news conference, or at least tried to, nearby.

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