The Morning Briefing: DNC Night 4: Biden Manages to Clear Low Bar, Media Weeps Tears of Joy

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The Two DNC Finales

We have made it to Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers. I sincerely hope that you are all enjoying yours so far.

Well, the DNC Zoom meeting is finally over and the mainstream media couldn’t wait to get to their feelings journals to start dotting their i’s with hearts while writing about Joe Biden’s speech. It’s something they haven’t done regularly since Biden’s boss, the Lightbringer, was in office.


Get ready for two and a half months of fawning media awfulness, my friends.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I won’t be able to participate in the concussed unicorn prance that will be substituting for journalism about the campaign. I do so miss the days when the MSM was coy about its bias, always trying to mask it. Now it’s an unabashedly biased freak flag flying session all the time.

Tyler has a rundown of last night’s DNC finale here.

It’s true, Biden didn’t make any major mistakes during his big moment at the DNC. Then again, the expectations for his speech have been lowered for months so all he really had to do was get through it without pausing to eat his foot and it was going to be judged a rousing success.

I watched a little of Biden’s DNC speech, got bored, and went back to work. I kept checking Twitter and saw the WAY over-the-top reactions from all of the usual suspects, so I went back and watched more after the DNC wrapped and it was posted online.

The speech I was seeing described by the media and prominent Democrats was not the speech I watched.

Biden was tired and slurring. He did stay riveted to the teleprompter in a way that I found distracting.

Gifted oration it was not.

The content was worse than the delivery. Biden could have been cribbing talking points from any CNN panel. Given his history of plagiarism, he may very well have been.

Look, this ain’t my first rodeo, I know how this dance goes. The partisans all love the nominee’s acceptance speech. The Democrat nominee always gets a sickening amount of love from the media. I guess I’ve just been at this too long to pretend that I like the dance.

 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Biden may have been aided by the lack of an audience at this COVID DNC. His fixed gaze on the teleprompter may not have survived applause breaks.

Here are a couple of takes on the speech that I think sum things up nicely:


Biden may have been mistake-free, but Reaganesque? Yeah…no.

The media might want to try reeling in the gushing schoolgirl shtick, just to create the slightest pretense of objectivity.

Or they can just carry on as the propaganda wing of the Democratic National Committee.

It will be interesting to see if the RNC next week learned any virtual convention tips from the DNC.

The weirdness continues.

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Bee Me

Nailed it!

The Kruiser Kabana

Kitten watching Tom and Jerry is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on the internet.

First round of this fight was a furious, drunken alley brawl. I remember watching it and thinking, “How in the hell are they even going to come out for the second round?”


We could all be exercising a little more privilege here, people. Let’s get on that.


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