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Sarah Palin Says Today's 'Never Trumpers' 'Sabotaged' McCain Presidential Run

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Former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin says today’s “never Trumpers” Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt are the same people who “sabotaged” the GOP ticket in 2008. She called them “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Palin appeared on the Fox News program Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday night to talk about being a woman on a presidential ticket, when he asked her at the end to talk about the very people who ran the 2008 GOP campaign.

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About Steve Schmidt, who is part of the virulently anti-Trump troll group The Lincoln Project, she said that he sabotaged the campaign.

He’s a piece of work. So’s Nicole Wallace and these other yahoos, who were actually running the McCain-Palin campaign, they were the ones who – a couple of them didn’t even vote for the ticket – they jumped ship early, in terms of their actual enthusiasm for Republicans being elected that year, in ’08.

The Lincoln Project is partially bankrolled by a Leftist Silicon Valley billionaire who also publishes the very Left-leaning The Interceptor website.

She says you need look no further about where their sentiments are than noting they work at CNN and MSNBC and have endorsed Joe Biden, the Democrat.

That’s evidenced by what they’re doing today. You know, they’re Democrats, they are very, very liberal. They are part of the “uniparty.” And to think that they were the ones rolling out my candidacy and setting up the interviews and – there was a lot of sabotaging going on there especially at the end of the game there.

Steve Schmidt fired back on Twitter.

Ok. I can’t help it. It has been 12 years since
@NicolleDWallace and I had to deal with her paranoia, pathological lying, profound ignorance, brittleness and insanity. We had to deal with her for 70 days. It has been amazing to watch her soar and prove all her critics wrong

Schmidt most recently was seen denigrating Senator Marco Rubio in a vicious attack on his family’s Cuban origins and how Rubio would have worked with Castro if he thought it would help his political career.

A disgusted Rubio called Schmidt a “political prostitute.”

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President Trump echoed Palin’s comments and retweeted video of the Palin remarks. He also offered a comment of his own.

Sarah is correct. McCain was a lousy candidate with lots of bad policy, but the “deadheads” sabotaged his campaign from the inside, and never gave him a chance to win. Hope they were happy with OBiden, who gave you me!

Lincoln Project founder, former Republican Rick Wilson, issued a thinly-veiled threat to Trump.

Hey Donald, you should know about people inside your campaign sabotaging you.

Palin says it’s clear to see why there was so much wrong with the McCain campaign.

Those of us who were kind of victims to what they’re capable of – it’s kind of vindication for us because it’s like see? Told you so. They were never on our team to start with.

By The Lincoln Project activities this election cycle, it looks like Palin is spot on about the 2008 GOP campaign. She might have won a little vindication in the process.

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