The Morning Briefing: MSM Plays a Preemptive Misogyny Victim-Card for Kamala Harris

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MSM Wants You to Shut It, Sexist

Joyous midweek greetings to all of you, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers.

Well, we finally have something to talk about that isn’t plague- or riot-related, so I suppose we should be grateful for that. Unfortunately, it’s Kamala Harris.


A LOT of Kamala Harris.

OK, the MSM too.

Neither is very palatable.

This story about the MSM was originally going to be a more generic stand-alone column I was going to post yesterday. I had begun writing it before Biden announced his VP pick. Once he did, I decided to write about that for the column instead and save the MSM hackery for this morning.

First, a brief glimpse at my column.

I admit that I thought Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep was going to choose Susan Rice, but I kept hoping (on, the record) that it would be Harris, because I think she’s horrible and therefore gives Trump a better chance for winning.

A couple of hours after I published the column, POTUS confirmed that I’m not the only one thinking that.

Anyway, the column is here, and here is a brief snippet for your enjoyment:

Kamala Harris has all the charm of Katie in Paranormal Activity after the demon got complete control of her. If she is going to be getting more camera time than Biden, they better hope that she’s learned some lessons from last year.

Onto our friends in the MSM.

 (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

We all knew this was going to get tedious in so many ways, even if Biden hadn’t gone full identity politics. We’ve all watched Biden’s cognitive decline, and the MSM has already been running major interference for him.

Fortunately for them, Biden had already committed to a female VP pick, and in the last several weeks it became apparent that the choice would be a woman of color. That let the MSM get out in front of the narrative to let everyone know that all criticism of the eventual choice would be misogynist, racist, sexist, and patriarchal.


WaPo kicked it off last week with an op-ed titled, “Biden’s VP should be prepared for an onslaught of online misogyny unlike anything seen before.”

They followed that up this week with another op-ed that’s basically a primer on narrative crafting.

Expect an onslaught of this kind of stuff in the MSM now, especially with Harris on the ticket. As I said in my column, she is more than baggage-laden. She’s got a record that even the people on her side don’t like. The MSM is going to need a steady supply of distraction and deflection to keep people away from telling the truth about her.

 (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

We’ve seen this playbook in use a lot the last couple of years. Every time anyone takes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or a member of her Squad to task over anything, the MSM and their Dem overlords dismiss the criticism as an “attack on a woman of color.”MSM

The interference the MSM runs for AOC is going to look calm and measured compared to how much they’re going to have to cut out of whole cloth to make Kamala Harris seem less awful to, well, almost everyone.

If Biden does manage to pull out a victory with Harris at his side it’s going to be because the MSM does most of the work. They’ll “interpret” his word salads for us, continue to lie about Trump, and scream “MISOGYNY!” every time someone mentions that Kamala Harris is lacking in personality or that her record as a prosecutor is very different from what she’s portraying now.


The MSM has been an ever-worsening toilet bowl of lies since 2016. It’s going to overflow between now and November.

And the stench is going to be awful.

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