The Washington Post's Antifa Riot Chic Fasc-ion Photo Spread Is a Real Stunner

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The Washington Post’s fashion spread – make that fasc-ion spread – glorifying violent Portland antifa and Black Lives Matter members is nothing short of stunning, and not in a good way.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the newspaper that still pushes the premise that President Trump is a Russian secret agent would ennoble violent street thugs. Yet hope springs eternal that the paper which proclaims, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” wouldn’t side with the literal black bloc clad anti-democratic dark side.

Bombings, attempted murder, intimidating little old ladies, assaulting cops, fashioning IEDs and throwing them at cops, arson, firing ball bearings at police officers. These are the things for which The Washington Post is lauding the rioting rabble.

The Washington Post calls the “before and after” fashion spread a feature story about antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters” in Portland, but it’s really a glorification of Portland’s violent protests.

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This is the culture the Post argues is inimical to Portland. “Protest is what Portland does best,” the paper coos, cheering on the destruction. The vast majority of Portlanders are expected to comply it seems. Don’t get in the way of Portland’s destiny – what it “does best” – because you’ll ruin everything.

Antifa watcher Andy Ngo pointed out the August 8th story which features eleven “protesters” in their regular street clothes and then gowned up in their antifa riot gear explaining why they rushed to join. He called it a “glowing photo essay on antifa riot fashion.” He’s right. That’s exactly what this is.

He asks a legitimate question: What is wrong with the reporter and editors there?

The photos feature one gas-masked equipped protester, with her leaf blower, which is used to blow back any tear or CS gases back toward the officers dispensing them. This provides protection for her “comrades” – yes, that’s what they call them –  to continue throwing bombs and setting fires at the US courthouse in downtown Portland.

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She is part of the featured Brolutti family of four, all of whom have complete antifa gear.

Retired nurses Toren and Kim Brolutti were encouraged to join the protests by their adult children Maya and Mischa amid images of Portlanders being hit with chemical irritants and detained in unmarked minivans. The family was tear-gassed on their first night at the demonstrations, and Kim was pepper-sprayed, they said.

The Post spoke to son, Mischa, a 31-year-old man who told the newspaper,

“I am protesting because it is unacceptable and wrong on so many levels to have a police force that the majority of citizens are afraid of. I am opposed to the existence of the police in their current form of a culturally corrupt, armed, cruel and tyrannical force that patrols the streets and instills fear into the people.”

He doesn’t want a police force to stop violence by him and his buddies.

The 65-year-old mom, Toren, is featured petting a bunny in her before shot, then shown in her gas mask, goggles and squirt bottle (for flushing eyes in case gas is deployed) in hand. If you’re going to a protest in that get-up, you’re not there for the protest, you’re there for the riot.

Dad, Kim, a ringer for actor Christopher Lloyd, says he was shocked that police used crowd control to clear out the rioters. For him, that was a bridge too far, “I hadn’t expected that they would attack the people. When they started shooting, I go, ‘This is not America.’”

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Rioting isn’t “America,” either, but The Washington Post blithely moves on to the series of other rioters, including the guy who wouldn’t clear the streets when demanded by the cops and got sprayed with gas.

The featured “protester” is a government-paid Tri-Met bus driver.

City bus driver and Army veteran Eric MacCartney, who was inspired to protest after his daughter was gassed by Portland police officers during a demonstration in North Portland… I am truly horrified; this is not the country that I served. This is not okay. I was two feet from the federal goons, and I told them to their faces that they are traitors betraying their oath.

The other featured rioters are a nurse and her husband, who’s photographed with a bullhorn, and a couple of sisters, who are featured with burning sage to cleanse the riot scene, apparently. Says younger sister, 34-year-old Kia Rae, It’s a choice for White people. You can choose to go to bed at 9 o’clock and live your peaceful life on the other side of town. But we don’t really have a choice, at least we don’t feel like we do.”

The Post’s despicable fashion layout is a slap in the face of all the Portlanders who want these violent street thugs gone. It’s not about police brutality. These riots are about the existence of police. Rioters are hellbent for destruction. By Any Means Necessary isn’t a slogan — it’s a threat.

It makes you wonder. What’s next for the Post, the fashionistas of ISIS? North Korea’s Next Top Model? Suicide vest fashions of Ramallah – “get them now before we blow them all out!”?

The swells at the Post are apparently seduced by the romantic notion of people who play dress up and engage guerrilla warfare and prey upon the people of Portland and the people who protect them.

For Portlanders this is no laughing matter.

The people whose safety is threatened, whose freedom of movement is routinely interrupted by these criminals by their no-go zones, or who were nearly burned up by these thugs in their apartment buildings, this glorification of antifa is nothing short of disgusting.

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