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NC Republican Madison Cawthorn Gets Smeared for Celebrating Hitler's Loss

YouTube/Madison Cawthorn

I know only three things about North Carolina Republican Madison Cawthorn: 1) He’s young and photogenic, 2) He was in a car accident as a teenager and is now in a wheelchair, and 3) He’s running for Congress and is favored to win. That last item explains the smear-driven media coverage we’re starting to see. Journalists and other Democrats are starting to panic that this kid is a threat to their power, so they’ll say anything to take him down.

They’ll even say something as silly as this:


Just seeing these @CawthornforNC Instagram posts from 2017…my god.

Referring to Hitler with the honorific “Führer.” Saying a visit to Hitler’s vacation home where he planned out unspeakable atrocities as a “bucket list” moment…as if it’s a visit to the Grand Canyon

This would be the most bizarre leap of logic I’ve seen all day, if I hadn’t already seen leftists claim that Trump is giving a speech at Gettysburg as a display of “white supremacy.” But this idiocy is right up there.

So Cawthorn called Hitler “the Führer” — which was, um, Hitler’s job title. If calling him by his job title is bad, then how do you explain things like this?

Was that song deferring to Hitler’s “honorific”? Were those guys Nazis?

Oh, and in the same paragraph that Yashar Ali is pretending to be offended by, Cawthorn calls the Nazis “a supreme evil”:

(Twitter screenshot @madisoncawthorn)
(Twitter screenshot @madisoncawthorn)

And yet Ali’s insinuation is that Cawthorn is somehow a Hitler groupie. A more likely explanation is that Cawthorn is a WWII buff who wanted to visit the Eagle’s Nest. He’s like all the other people who watched Band of Brothers and enjoyed the scene where the good guys took over Hitler’s clubhouse and drank his damn booze:

That scene was based on what really happened. Our boys #pwned Hitler. To me, that’s cause for celebration. Come to think of it, now I want to go visit the Eagle’s Nest too. I’m putting that on my bucket list. Up yours, Adolf!

Even a cuck RINO traitor like me can see how biased the media is. I have no problem with them going after Republicans who do something wrong, but it never stops there. If they can’t find anything wrong, they just start making $#!+ up. They’re utterly corrupt. They’re Democratic Party operatives with press passes. And, as you just saw, it makes them sloppy. They don’t care about falsely spearing Republicans, because they suffer no consequences. In fact, they’re usually rewarded for it. They never learn because they have no incentive to learn. Just the opposite. They’d rather get it first than get it right, because there’s no punishment for getting it wrong.

That’s why so many Americans hate them, and that’s why so many voters in 2016 saw Trump as the lesser of two evils. As far as they’re concerned, electing him was only the second-worst thing that could’ve happened.

I’m glad we beat the Nazis. So is Madison Cawthorn. Aren’t you glad we beat the Nazis?

If not, why not?

P.S. Ladies and gentlemen: Cawthorn’s opponent.

And Cawthorn has now responded.