The Morning Briefing: Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP Is One Long Trump Campaign Ad

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Leave CHAZ/CHOP Up and Running Until the Election

The Seattle autonomous zone originally known as CHAZ, now CHAZ/CHOP, is now moving into its second full week as an independent gardening commune or something. It appears that they are trying to take themselves seriously and pretend to be grown ups, doing things like wrestling with name changes and setting up a conflict resolution council.


There is a bit of debate over on this side of the aisle about how CHAZ/CHOP should be handled. I have a lot of friends who wish that someone would send in the big guns to clear the little brats out of the way, hopefully for good. That’s unlikely to happen while the mayor of Seattle is cheerfully hanging out with the kids in the autonomous zone and Washington’s governor spends his days as a full-time climate hoax pimp.

While I am generally a fan of cleaning up hippie filth as soon as it erupts somewhere, I think that CHAZ/CHOP should be left to evolve into all of its dumpster fire potential.

Dumpster fire near the CHAZ

We are probably all in agreement that this upcoming presidential election may be the most important one ever. The American voters need to have a clear picture of the choices before them. Well, the still undecided voters do, anyway. The current civil unrest does just that in a most perfect fashion. Unfortunately, the election won’t be happening in the next week or two. CHAZ/CHOP, however, is happening right now and may be an early Christmas gift for the president.

I can think of nothing better for President Trump than to have CHAZ/CHOP chugging along from now until the election in November. While Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep and other prominent Democrats continue to swoon over everything that the anti-cop mob does, Trump can stay firmly on the pro-American law and order side of things to woo undecided voters in flyover country.

Scenes like this from CHAZ/CHOP will continue to play out like pro-Trump ads:


If Joe Biden can’t be drawn out into public to lose the election on his own, President Trump can run against the antics of the CHAZ/CHOP crowd. With all of this drama playing out in almost real-time on Twitter, Trump would be in his element lobbing tweet bombs at these loony commies day and night.

Even the name CHAZ/CHOP is ripe for ridicule. They’ll probably come up with a few more but right now this is almost comedy gold that Team Trump could be having a lot of fun with.


President Donald Trump kisses the American flag after speaking at Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC 2020, at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Md., Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

What makes CHAZ/CHOP the perfect election year foil for the president is that it really does encapsulate everything that is awful about the protest and riot side of things. They don’t want change, they want power, and they don’t care how they get it. If skittish voters in Michigan are given a choice between a candidate who champions CHAZ/CHOP and its self-proclaimed warlord or a president who likes hugging the flag, that’s a good scenario for Trump.

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