The Morning Briefing: Let Liberal Hellholes Defund Their Police and Burn

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Defund Police Movement Will Not End Well for Democrat-Run Cities

The protest/riot/no social-distancing get-togethers in Democratic enclaves around what I think used to be the United States of America don’t seem like they want to let up any time soon. Police are bad. White people are bad. Heaven help you if you’re a white cop. It’s a mess out there.


I’ve been watching some friends I’ve known for years opine on social media about their full-throated support for all that’s going on and, I have to admit, it mystifies me. Most of my liberal friends are comedians and are near my age. They’re old-school Democrats and I truly believe that they don’t quite understand that their party has been taken over by what used to be its lunatic fringe.

Police in riot gear stand in front of the White House as demonstrators gather to protest the death of George Floyd, Saturday, May 30, 2020, outside the White House in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

At first, I was wondering if they understood exactly what they were advocating for here.

They don’t.

That led me to the point I want to make this morning. Perhaps we should just let the “defund police” lunatics have their way so they can see what that’s like on the other side.

Minneapolis is ground zero for anti-cop sentiment, taking the defund movement to the “disband” point. Stacey wrote a post yesterday about what a nightmare underfunded, unarmed policing is in the United Kingdom. It also featured this bizarre and disturbing wordbarf from the unhinged president of the Minneapolis city council:


What this idiot is basically saying is that white people are never in danger and don’t need police protection because the “system is working” for us or some nonsense. This is obviously not reality-based, but she and her colleagues have — as progressives are wont to do — told themselves a story so often that they believe it.

The current turmoil presents a perfect opportunity to let the progressives feel that they’ve gotten a victory and find out what a police-free — or underfunded police — existence is like. The lawlessness we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks has — to the surprise of no one — almost exclusively been happening in places under total Democrat control


AP Photo/Matt York

The economic consequences of abolished or neutered police departments will be grave, of course. What is sure to be a business exodus from Minneapolis has already begun. It’s going to be difficult for the local chambers of commerce in these cities to make the sales pitch to tourists and businesses.

This tough-love lesson can’t include any federal bailouts for these police-free, dried-up revenue utopias. Give them the comprehensive progressive experience.

Have fun, little proggies. Do drop us a line from time to time and tell us how the privilege is working out.

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