The Morning Briefing: MSM Really Earning 'Enemy of the People' Status During Riots

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The MSM Is the WORST

We all know that I am no fan of the mainstream media (MSM) and do tend to go after its heinously irresponsible members quite a lot. Let’s be honest here, kids: they deserve it.


As I have mentioned a few times, it was liberal bias in the  MSM that compelled me to write about politics in the first place. It had bothered me for many years and when it came time to launch a humble political blog to fill up the time between gigs, that was my primary focus, and remains so today. (Side note: I used to write a lot about school choice back then too. Maybe I should do a post or two about that in the near future.)

Regular readers of the Briefing are well aware of how much I have lamented the MSM’s performance during our coronapocalypse isolation fun. Every time I think that the faux journalists in the MSM have hit rock bottom in the Trump era, one of them finds another shovel and says, “Let’s keep digging!”


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I usually use one of my colleagues’ posts as a jumping-off point for the beginning here each morning but today I’m going to engage in some shameless self-promotion and begin with my most recent column, which is titled “It’s Open Season on Police and MSM Is Still Whining About Trump Walking to a Church.”

A sampling:

In the midst of readily available news about the escalating violence against law enforcement, the MSM has kept a laser-like focus on a five minute walk the President Trump took Monday afternoon. It’s been rather offensive, to say the least.

That’s kinda what got me here today. There’s an ever-growing victim count for these riots that is being almost completely ignored in the MSM. Cops and civilians are being gunned down, beaten up, and plowed into by motor vehicles and the MSM hacks are practically spraining their necks looking the other way.


This breezed through one of my Twitter feeds last night and I thought it summed things up rather nicely:

“The MSM are in open revolt against both the truth and the American people.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

When covering the coronavirus pandemic, the MSM coverage ranged from obfuscation to outright lying.

Since the riots started, they’ve just been lying.


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We have just spent two and a half months watching the MSM form a cheerleading squad for every Democratic shutdown governor in America. None of them cared that they were part of a false propaganda machine that aided and abetted the economic ruin of millions of Americans.

Now they’re gleefully egging on very violent people and completely disregarding the safety of the general public. Throw in the fact that their sole selling point for shutting down the economy was for the “safety” of the public and it’s all the more irritating. A couple of weeks later and they don’t care if the public gets its head smashed in by a brick because how else is anybody going to get woke, right?

Almost every member of the MSM truly believes that he or she is an anointed warrior in the battle to unseat President Trump. There is no journalistic integrity, only a mission to spin a narrative that is damaging to the president, like this:


The MSM propaganda machine has continued to use words like “peaceful” and “protesters” for the last several days to make any pushback seem excessive. The president hasn’t threatened to use the military against protesters, of course. He has said, however, that he would deploy the military against rioters. ABC News knows that, as do the rest of the MSM.

Willfully lying and thereby endangering the public really does earn them “Enemy of the People” status. I attack the MSM in writing because every one of them is deserving of scorn and derision right now and that probably won’t change even after Trump is out of office. They’ve become that bad.


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And I’m going to stay on them for as long as it takes.

It’s a Question That Needs an Answer

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Smells Like Onion

The Kruiser Kabana


One day we’re all gonna look back on this and wish we had been a lot drunker.


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