WATCH: SUV Plows Into Police at George Floyd Riot in Buffalo, NY

Twitter screenshot.

As rightful protests over George Floyd’s death have devolved into lootingvandalism, and arson in cities across America, the looting and arson spread to Buffalo, N.Y. On Saturday, rioters attempted to set a fire inside Buffalo’s City Hall. Police aiming to bring law and order in the chaos found themselves on the business end of an SUV on Monday night as the rioting that started on Saturday night continued. As PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported, many police officers have found themselves in the crosshairs of rioters, and at least five cops were shot on Monday.

Many police officers were struck down in the vehicle attack.

“Breaking: An officer got ran over by a car on Bailey Ave., per police sources. People on scene at E District where a protest is happening told me a truck drove through the crowd and hit multiple police officers,” local journalist Ali Ingersoll tweeted. She added that rioters threw rocks at the injured officer while he was down.

Local CBS affiliate WIVB reported that medics evacuated two officers, one from the Buffalo Police Department and another from the New York State Police, after the SUV attack.

A Twitter user posted video that purportedly captured the incident. The video shows a large number of police officers patrolling a street before a black SUV plows through the crowd of officers.

NBC affiliate WGRZ reported that the SUV attack took place during a protest in front of the E District police station. WGRZ also reported that two officers were seriously injured in the incident before getting transported to the Erie County Medical Center.

Erie Councy Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that the vehicle’s driver and occupants have been taken into custody.

“The [Erie County] Departments of [Erie County Emergency Services], Central Police Services and [the Erie County sheriff’s office] are monitoring the incident on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo in which two officers were struck by a vehicle,” Poloncarz tweeted. “It is [my] understanding the driver and passengers of the vehicle are in custody.”

Protests in Buffalo became violent over the weekend when a 29-year-old woman allegedly drove a car into a crowd of protesters, Newsweek reported.

Police cars drove into a crowd of protesters in New York City on Saturday. While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio notoriously defended the police’s actions at first, he later reversed course and the NYPD opened a probe into the attack. On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) called for the officers to be fired.

As many Islamic State attacks have illustrated, vehicles can be deadly weapons. Americans rightly condemned the man who drove into protesters in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, killing Heather Heyer. They should unite to condemn the police car attack in New York City and the SUV attack against police officers in Buffalo.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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