Election 2020

Biden Speech Recalls Hard-Right Democrats — in 1972

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I suppose PJ should just run a regular “Stupid s… crap Joe Biden said” like we do Florida Man Friday. At this point, the real story is how the Megalithic Legacy Media never seems to mention the most absurd things Joe says.

As, for example, this tweet from The Hill with video of a recent Biden speech:

Joe Biden on 1972 Senate race: “I was running against the whole Democratic Party that had turned, as you remember, really hard right back in those days.”

What Biden Doesn’t Remember


I realize 1972 was a long time ago, but, well, look at the results:



George McGovern was probably the furthest left major-party candidate ever. Joe Biden — well, he was a pretty mainstream Democrat:

How did a Biden Speech get George McGovern wrong?

This makes for an interesting puzzle: Does Biden not actually remember what was happening in 1972? Is he no longer able to tell left from right? Or is he — or whoever is moving the string that makes his jaw work — just assuming that because he’s Not Trump and hardly anyone remembers the 1972 election he can gaslight us as much as he wants?

Oh my God, do you think he really believes George McGovern was hard right?

Of course, The Hill ran with it unquestioning. I guess we should ask the same questions of them.

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