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Hollywood Celebrities and Democrats, But I Repeat Myself, Raise Bail Money for Domestic Terrorists

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Hollywood is full of posers, pinheads and navel gazers who, when they’re not dressing up in costumes and speaking lines written for them by someone else, are doing nearly anything to stay relevant. Alyssa Milano comes to mind.

OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go over some of the data points on the issue of these Hollywood weirdos who think it’s fun and games to come to the aid and support of violent Leftists responsible for our current riots.

Hollywood’s been Leftist since forever, of course. Let’s just stipulate that Joe McCarthy, who, as whackadoodle-doo as he was, was actually right about communists being at the upper reaches of our government – looking at you Alger Hiss – and in Hollywood.

Of course, since the Obama Administration, being a communist hasn’t been an impediment to getting a job in government, it’s actually been a resume enhancer. You can ask Van Jones and Mao admirer Anita Dunn about that.

These planned riots may be astroturfed and pre-paid, but the violence is real. Real people are getting hurt by the Hollywood-supported thugs wielding two by fours on moms and pops who are protecting their stores. Real cops are getting shot by these real killers. Real churches are being torched. Real businesses, already crawling and gasping for breath to make it to their pandemic imposed re-open finish lines, won’t make it due to the riots.

Fake Hollywood is supporting them.

Those “brave” celebrities, Chrissy Tiegen, Justin Timberlake, Don Cheadle, Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, and many others, have not been rioting in Hollywood, not so’s I’ve noticed, anyway. But their cannon fodder, their proxies – Leftist antifa and some extremist Black Lives Matter members  – are being supported by them.

All of those stars and many, many more have given hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions of dollars by now, to bail out these anarchists from jail.

So let’s go to the smartboard and plug in our data points.

Who are cops arresting?

If you’re non-violent and comply with rules, commands and curfews, you don’t get popped by the cops. Only the most violent ones get hauled off in a wagon to jail. This is who’s being helped by Hollywood.

Velvet glove

Only the smallest percentages of “protesters” get arrested. Those detained get off with a warning or a ticket and take a walk. Again, only the worst of the worst get arrested.

George Soros Was Already Here

The puppet master knows what’s important. For the past few years, Soros has bankrolled his Secretary of State, Attorney General and District Attorney projects. The objective is to turn law and order on its head, release violent felons from jails and prisons, outlaw cash bail and make every city San Francisco. Already New York, New Jersey, DC, Alaska, are no cash bail states, helping bad actors to get out before the cop paper work is done. California voters consider no cash bail in November.

Domestic terrorists

President Trump has designated antifa a domestic terrorist group. They are. Hollywood’s right there with them.

George Floyd

Destroying people, their businesses, livelihoods does not honor this poor man’s life.  A huge percentage of people want the cop who killed him in jail, which is where he appears to be headed after his arrest.

Hug-a-thug is back.  Many in Hollywood support them. Well, not everyone. Krist Novoselic of Nirvana fame thinks Trump’s law and order response is on point.

He’ll be canceled soon.

So here we are. Hollywood supports the worst of these thugs. Violent, anti-capitalist, anti-American zealots who want to wield power over you the way they wield those two-by-fours into that old lady’s head in Rochester. Yield, serfs.

And Hollywood will still do their part. You can bet that in about 18 months there will be a movie about an antifa antihero. Hagiographies will be written. And, if they haven’t already, Silicon Valley will make a game that features antifa thugs killing cops, beating old ladies with two-by-fours and rioting.

Extra points for every business they can burn down.


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