The Morning Briefing: Who Had 'Race Riots' on Their Pandemic Bingo Cards?

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Can We Call Them Riots Yet?

Sure, we kind of knew that people might not respect social-distance protocols once states started opening up, but I don’t think any of us thought that people would rush out of their houses and begin rioting.


When does the Nile run red with blood?

I may be on voluntary lockdown for the rest of the year just because I’m really not interested in finding out what the hell else 2020 can throw at us.

As Paula pointed out, the same Democratic scolds who have been deploying police forces to make sure we don’t give COVID cooties to each other in church are suddenly OK with everyone hanging out in mobs because justice or something. I’ll wager good money that at least 80% of the looters/rioters/whatevers were scolding strangers about not wearing masks 10 days ago.

I’ve been saying for a while that we were probably going to find out within the next six months that all of the social-distance and lockdown stuff was crap, but that all got taken care of this past weekend.

Of course, the execrable Enemy of the People media types have been lying to our faces again, running with a narrative of “cops bad and mostly peaceful protesters” even with so much evidence to the contrary. There certainly are a lot burning buildings for “mostly peaceful” protests. The most priceless moment came Friday night when MSNBC’s Ali Velshi was reassuring everyone that the protests were mostly peaceful while standing in front of a burning building:


One usually has to be working a psych ward to encounter that kind of disconnect.

They’re burning churches now, which I believe falls more into the “riot” than “protest” category. It’s also probably thrilling to all of the secular heathen petty-tyrant governors who have been keeping churches closed. This is basically a dream scenario for them.

I don’t really care if the rioters are being shipped in from Mars, these leftists “protests” are never organic. Kira wrote a post over at RedState about an encounter we had with Occupy Denver in 2011. When I was traveling a lot during the Tea Party years I encountered a lot of lefty protesters. All were astroturf jobs run by professional organizers.

What’s been most disturbing these past few days is that police in many of the liberal hellholes haven’t been able to adequately defend themselves from the violence. Some effort was finally made on Sunday night to shut down the violence with tear gas and other means, but that was a few days too late. Now we’re dealing with curfews all over the country because the feckless Dem mayors and governors let everything fall apart.

Who knows how this will all play out now? I think we’re all beyond making any predictions. I don’t want to assume the worst because it will probably happen. There has been a failure of leadership all over the land and they’re trying to pin it all on the president but that’s nothing new.


We should all continue hoping for the best and planning for the worst.

Buy ammo.

Happy Monday.

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