The Biden Agenda: Killing Jobs, Killing Babies, Praising Rioters

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Biden in the Oval Office Would Be Worse Than the Plague

Pandemic times haven’t really done much for my optimism about anything . Lately, I keep pondering worst-case scenarios, like Joe Biden getting elected. I still think President Trump will prevail in November, but we really can’t rule out anything this year.

We have all spent a lot of time these past few days watching race rioting break out in every liberal enclave in America, most of us stunned at 2020’s ability to continually get worse. I keep peeking out the window to check for locusts now.

I’m writing this column on the first night of statewide riot-induced curfew here in Arizona that I find to be even more objectionable than the stay-at-home shutdown crap. One thing keeps running through my mind the past few days: if we make it through all of this only to end up having Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep in the White House I’m going to need to move to another planet.

Much of the discussion in recent months about Biden has focused on his obviously deteriorating mental condition, which is valid. I maintain that he’s been like this for years but people used to just write it off as part of his quirky personality.

As I said in my Friday Morning Briefing, the fact that the shutdown has given Team Biden a reason to keep him out of the public eye has been the greatest stroke of good fortune for any candidate in modern history. Absent debates or public campaigning, Biden’s policies haven’t gotten the scrutiny they would normally be getting.

Joe Biden isn’t a terribly bright man or an original thinker. He had a rather unremarkable Senate career even though it went on for decades. When it comes to stances on issues, it’s easy to see that he’s just parroting whatever his handlers have told him. His Twitter feed reads like a list of bland, pandering platitudes that came out of a book titled Things That Democrats Probably Say.


Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A Budding Progressive

Biden was presented as a more centrist option in the 2020 Democratic field but that wasn’t difficult ground to stake out in that group of progressives. Like all Democrats, however, he’s been in a leftward drift for a while now.

It began last year when he pivoted away from his support of the Hyde Amendment. With that, he joins the new-era Democrats who have moved a long way from the Clinton-era when they were saying that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Biden professes to be Roman Catholic, which makes his increasing lust for cheap and easy abortion all the more galling. I’m one of those Catholics who thinks that pro-abort Dem politicians should be excommunicated.

Ever since the progs had luck pushing Biden to the left on abortion, they’ve been making sure they stay in his head.

In March, der Bidengaffer tweeted his support of California’s disastrous, job-killing law AB5:

More talking points. I don’t really believe that Biden has thoughts of his own anymore.

AB5 is a nightmare that has upended the lives of freelancers all over California, of whom there are many, especially in the entertainment industry. Almost every friend of mine back in Los Angeles is a freelance contract worker and they’ve all been miserable since this law passed. It’s a union-backed boondoggle that is pretty much doing the opposite of what the Democrats are saying it does. And they’re trying to make it a national thing,

No thanks, Joe.

Joe’s a Real Riot

Biden and his staffers have spent some time this weekend normalizing the protesters/rioters:

While he was out palling around on the mean streets of Wilmington, his staffers were helping to bail out some of the rioters in Minnesota.

Democrats do love their criminals and the thought of one being in charge of the country while we are living in the middle of the Book of Revelation is the stuff of nightmares.

Of course, the theory is that Biden’s pick for vice president will soon be running the country if he gets elected, which just makes the nightmare get worse.

The United States doesn’t need a leader whose thoughts are being planted by a thirty-year-old commie former bartender. I hope this pessimism of mine goes away soon. These last six days have been a golden opportunity for the president and the Republicans to reassure undecided voters in flyover country that they don’t want to take a chance on the ANTIFA-loving Democrats.

I shudder to think what might happen in the next five months. Remember when we all thought that 2016 was the craziest year ever?

Good times.

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