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ESPN's Chris Martin Palmer Fine With Riots and Burning Things, As Long As They're Not His Things

Screencap of Chris Martin Palmer's deleted tweet.

Life comes at you pretty fast. Chris Martin Palmer, NBA reporter for ESPN, is learning this the hard way.

On May 28, Palmer tweeted:


Image of Chris Martin Palmer’s deleted tweet.

The thing being burned down belonged to people who aren’t wealthy NBA storytellers for ESPN. It’s an affordable housing complex. Palmer later deleted that tweet without explanation.

Maybe because you won’t guess what happened next…

Here’s what Palmer tweeted when the sh*t being burned down was a lot closer to his own, Saturday night.

Palmer lives in a gated community. Isn’t that nice. He should check his privilege. Tough break about the Starbucks, dude.

Now that they’re outside his building, they’re suddenly “animals.”

What do you want to bet he called the police to have the riff raff, sorry noble protesters, dealt with?

Well, we don’t have to bet.

Wait a minute. When they were burning someone else’s stuff, they were protesters. Now they’re animals with no pride?

The NBA apologist is getting dunked on all over Twitter, which he deserves.

Tune, changed.

They are criminals. So were the people Palmer egged on just two days prior.

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