The Morning Briefing: Latest Coronavirus Mutation—My New Ways to Hate the Media

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Just as I began writing this, Twitter lit up with the announcement that the Senate had finally reached a deal on the coronavirus stimulus package that the Democrats have been stonewalling since the weekend. There aren’t a lot of details as I write this (I’m sure there will be many more by the time it publishes), but McConnell seemed pleased when he made the announcement. All of the early, quick analysis says that this seems almost like the same bill that was being discussed on Sunday. That would mean that all that Schumer’s little lap dance for Pelosi did was add three days to getting the aid where it’s needed.


Like I said yesterday, they’re garbage.

UPDATE: Matt has more details here at Townhall.

Enemy of the People Update

It comes as no secret to frequent readers here that I am no fan of the American mainstream media, specifically the political press. I’m in my second decade of railing against them, and they’ve never left me with a dearth of awfulness on their part to attack.

The Trump years have obviously added something to this hate/hate relationship. Had I been more of a betting man, I would have put money on the Kavanaugh hearings in 2018 as the point when my intense dislike for the MSM would be at its enduring worst.

My bad.

As the world has descended into coronavirus panic, the scum masquerading as journalists in this country have been working overtime to plumb new depths of irresponsibility.

Rather than accurately share information with a nervous public during a rapidly-growing pandemic, the American MSM has decided that any lack of veracity in the name of discrediting President Trump is justified.

They’ve been lying about virtually every aspect of President Trump’s and his administration’s response to the crisis.

I will just highlight a few of their most recent bits of awfulness before I reiterate how much I hate them.

First, there is the ongoing, oft-repeated lie that President Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.” This is yet another false narrative that the press works in cahoots with elected Democrats to advance, as we saw as recently as this past weekend:


Another ongoing false narrative is that Trump is at odds with Dr. Anthony Fauci, his public point man in dealing with the crisis. Fauci finally had enough of that yesterday:

While the Democrats were holding the American people hostage over the weekend to turn a crisis relief bill into a progressive pork fest, The New York Times decided to blame Republicans.

On Tuesday, there were two prime examples of the recklessness of the media. The filth responsible for this are particularly disgusting:

That’s a libelous accusation based upon nothing but a bunch of “We don’t like Donald Trump” feelings. There is nothing approaching proof in the article. The people responsible for it better hope that karma isn’t real.

What sent me down this path for today’s Briefing was this bit of idiocy from MSNBC’s resident soy boy, Chris Hayes:


Hayes is making that assertion because the president said he wanted to see people filling churches for Easter.

This says much more about the liberal hatred for people of faith than anything.

Hayes is a low-functioning mumbler who only has a career because the MSM is so biased that it doesn’t require talent to succeed, but merely an unwavering bias. He’s a sty-wallowing pig for saying something like this.

The First Amendment is being perverted by these cretins. There is always something at stake when they’re being irresponsible, this time it’s people’s lives.

They don’t care. Their power and their ideology are all that matter to them.

If people have to die just so they can get ORANGE MAN BAD out of office and install Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep, so be it.

Lest anyone doubt that this is what this is all about, just watch this slobbering pukefest:

So yeah, I hate ’em.


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If we don’t laugh, that bat in the soup wins.


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