The Morning Briefing: GOP Governors Try To Clean Up Biden's Border Nightmare

The Morning Briefing: GOP Governors Try To Clean Up Biden's Border Nightmare
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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Bourbon is the essential oil of those who are dead inside yet still joyful.

The war of priorities between Republicans and Democrats has been perfectly illustrated in the news this week.

The drooling buffoon who presently has a desk in the Oval Office decided to bother the residents of the great state of Georgia as they celebrated the University of Georgia’s win in the college football national championship the night before. He was there to continue the Democrats’ false narrative about voting rights and “DEMOCRACYYYYYYY,” which is the new lefty code word for “commie takeover.”

Oh, the idiot also called Kamala Harris “President” again.

While the Democrats are busy lying about Jan. 6, their real plans to permanently corrupt our elections, and making up a host of imaginary monsters under the bed, Republicans have to deal with the real world. A lot of what goes on in this world involves dealing with messes made by the Democrats. And they are a messy bunch.

As we here in the Southwest are painfully aware, one of the biggest of those messes is our porous border with Mexico.

Because the Democrats are intent upon making the border a national security problem, some border governors are taking matters into their own hands, which Chris wrote about for us:

It’s no secret that the crisis at our border with Mexico isn’t going to get any better unless somebody other than the Biden administration takes charge. The GOP governors of our Southern border states look to be ready to do so.

On Monday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey delivered his State of the State address, and he devoted a significant portion of his message to securing Arizona’s border.

One of the bold statements that Ducey made regarding the border was the announcement of a multi-state border force led by governors who are concerned about the flow of illegal immigration, including Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas:

It’s called the American Governors Border Strike Force. It’s based on the Border Strike Force that has been operating here in Arizona since 2015. As Chris wrote, it’s “a badass name that sounds like something out of an 80s action movie.”

This isn’t the first time that Arizona has had to step up because the Democrats in Washington weren’t doing their jobs. In 2010, the state passed SB 1070, a law that became controversial to everyone who didn’t live near the border.

Here’s more from Chris on how the Arizona Border Strike Force has been operating:

“The BSF utilizes existing infrastructure and partnerships with federal, state, county, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies in the border region,” the organization’s website reads. “Partnerships among agencies will be leveraged for the purpose of conducting enforcement operations designed to interdict criminal activity in southern and central Arizona.”

Chris also noted that Ducey asked the federal government to do its job, but that’s unlikely while this regime is in power. Heck, I think most Republicans in Washington continually drop the ball when it comes to border security.

I’ve spent my entire life living in Arizona and California, never more than a couple of hundred miles from the Mexican border. As I said during an appearance on the late, great Fox News show Red Eye when SB 1070 was in the news, whenever I hear people from either party in Washington talking about the problems here it sounds like a bunch of men discussing menstrual cramps. Yeah, they’ve heard and read about the problem, but they don’t know what they’re going on about.

It’s best that the political leaders closest to the border are doing — or at least attempting to do — what’s best for this untenable situation. There’s promise in that.

There usually is when the feds get out of the way.

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