[WATCH] Kruiser's 'Beyond the Briefing'—Enough With the Conservative Victim Drama on Social Media

After setting up a backup social media account on GETTR (follow me here) last week, I began pondering the recent waves of outrage about conservatives getting suspended or banned by Twitter and Facebook.

And I was super bored by it all.


I don’t like it when conservatives overplay the victim card–or play victim at all for that matter.

We’ve got better ways of rescuing this flailing Republic from the clutches of the progressives.

Yes, boys and girls, this is another one of those episodes where I’m not in complete sync with everyone on “my side,” but I think it was established long ago that I am not here to get along with everyone. It’s part of my charm, and you wouldn’t want me to be any other way.

Oh, I said in the beginning that this was the first episode of the new year. It’s true. I posted the last episode on Jan. 2 but recorded it on Dec. 30. So happy new year, my friends. I promise I’ll be more frivolous next week.