The Morning Briefing: 'Let's Go Brandon' and the Indomitable Conservative American Spirit

The Morning Briefing: 'Let's Go Brandon' and the Indomitable Conservative American Spirit
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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The key is under the mat but the liquor cabinet is a little empty right now.

Although I’ve spent most of my career in the very liberal entertainment industry, the fact that I lean way to the right politically has never been a secret. Time and again over the years I’d be hanging out with some new showbiz lefties and when they’d find out that I was a conservative it would always be met with something like, “But you’re fun.” I’d tell them that most of us are and suggest that they might want to get out a little more.

Democrats are, for the most part, kind of cranky and bitter. They’re not happy even when they win. Because so few of them meet people from this side of the aisle, they operate under the misconception that they’re the fun ones.

As someone who’s spent years running around in conservative activist circles, I can tell assure everyone that the party is over here.

We like to have fun, even in the darkest times, which we are most certainly enduring at the moment.

Thankfully, there’s “Let’s go Brandon” to help us through.

When this thing first popped up a few weeks ago, I, of course, thought it was amusing. I did not, however, see it having the legs that it does. For reasons that I can’t adequately explain, I find this meme gone wild to be endlessly entertaining.

More than merely a meme, “Let’s Go Brandon” is now a hit song. New addition to the PJ Media family Athena Thorne has that story:

Alternative rapper Loza Alexander’s surprise hit “Let’s Go Brandon” has topped the iTunes hip hop chart at #1. The anti-establishment banger currently sits at #2 overall, just behind power-ballad star Adele and ahead of industry heavy-hitters Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Elton John, and Justin Bieber. When you add up the mind-boggling amount of legacy media promotion these stars are granted as a matter of course, Alexander’s achievement is all the more impressive.

This is rapidly becoming the greatest f-bomb phrase euphemism in the history of the English language.

Hey, if you have to suffer through the tyrannical reign of a faculty-challenged president who is trying to abrogate as many of your freedoms as he can, all the while burying you under an inflation problem that’s about to turn Domino’s pizza into a luxury item, a sense of humor really helps.

It’s important to remember that, like a kidney stone, the Biden era too shall pass. At least we now have a mantra to help us through the mess.

Let’s go Brandon!

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