The Morning Briefing: Another Suspicious Dead Body Drops in Hillary Clinton's Wake

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Proper sleepwear is essential to keeping a sound mind.

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Mine was filled with mirth and tequila, which I’ve only recently discovered go very well together.

It was another blissful news hiatus weekend for me too. Again, I can’t recommend ditching news and social media for a couple days each week highly enough. If anything earth-shattering happens, you will find out about it anyway. Generally, it’s the same stuff over and over: Biden’s an idiot, COVID tyrants are still tyrannical, and the WOKE are ruining America.

Two days of good food, adult beverages, and a good book are the perfect escape.

Upon my return to the real world, one of the first things I saw was that the Clintons were back in the news. That’s never a good thing.

Matt has the story:

Christopher Sign, a news anchor for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, Alabama, who broke the story about former President Bill Clinton’s secret 2016 tarmac meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was found dead Saturday morning.

“Our deepest sympathy is shared with Christopher’s loving family and close friends. We have lost a revered colleague whose indelible imprint will serve forever as a hallmark of decency, honesty and journalist integrity. We can only hope to carry on his legacy. May his memory be for blessing,” said ABC 33/40 Vice President and General Manager Eric Land in a statement.

Hillary Clinton was under investigation for her private email server by the FBI when Sign revealed a secret meeting between her husband, Bill Clinton, and Lynch on June 27, 2016, on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, mere days before former FBI Director James Comey announced the FBI would not recommend charges against her.

People who have dirt on BJ and Granny Maojackets have a bad habit of offing themselves, going all the way back to when Vince Foster got “suicided” in 1993. It’s always felt as if the Clintons were heading up a criminal empire rather than a political dynasty. Heck, I should probably tell my sister to keep checking on me after I write this.

More from Matt:

The optics of the meeting proved problematic for Clinton, despite both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch insisting that the ongoing investigation wasn’t brought up during their conversation.

“Bill Clinton was on that plane for 20 minutes, and it wasn’t just about golf, grandkids, and Brexit,” Sign said on Fox & Friends in February 2020. “There’s so much that doesn’t add up.”

Sign also told Fox News then that his family had received numerous death threats after he broke the story. “My family received significant death threats shortly after breaking this story. Credit cards hacked. You know, my children, we have code words. We have secret code words that they know what to do.”

Move along…nothing to see here.

Bill and Hillary are the ultimate Teflon power couple. Nothing ever sticks to them. They get friends to go to jail for them, people drop dead, and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton just stand there smiling through it all, reminding everyone that neither of them has ever been convicted of anything.

At the top of the long list of things that we should continue to thank Donald Trump for is the fact that he spared the United States from Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. Franzia and a lust for power can be a toxic combination.

I might go write him a “Thank You” note right now.

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