The Kruiser Kabana Episode 129: We Shouldn't Allow Europe to Have Opinions

Amuse Me, Eurotrash

Oval Office occupier Joe Biden’s trip to Cornhole, England, or something has given the sputtering leftist rump-kissers in the mainstream media a chance to fall back on one of their favorite idiotic narratives: The world loves our presidents when they’re Democrats and hates them when they’re Republicans. Democrats are all Euro-fetishists, so they get all weak in the knees, especially when someone from that vestigial continent winks at a Dem POTUS.


It’s wearisome.

In this episode, I explore my feelings about why real Americans shouldn’t care one whit about what Europeans think. Spoiler: it’s about more than just the way the French smell. There are times when I find Europeans so annoying that I secretly wish that my ancestors were all from somewhere in South America.

What does Peruvian food taste like?

As always, thank you, my VIP friends, for just being you.