The Morning Briefing: Trump Opens Rent Free Office Space In Liberals' Heads

The Morning Briefing: Trump Opens Rent Free Office Space In Liberals' Heads
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The Trump Troll Train Is Right On Schedule

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I hope you like a lot of bacon in your frittatas.

In times like this it’s important to not lose all touch with fun and whimsy. I’m not losing any, by the way, even if it may seem like it some mornings.


Or most mornings.

We’re in for a long, annoying few years here. Amtrak Joe was right when he said our darkest days were ahead of us. His speechwriters really should have thought more carefully about the wording of that script. He’s the one bringing the gloom and doom, of course. And, as we discussed in yesterday’s Briefing, he seems to have deep reserves of it.

We have to take the occasional bits of good news and milk them for all of the pleasure they can possibly give us.

I think we may be getting a lot of those bits from President Trump, who may be gone but certainly will not be forgotten.

Once I could see the writing on the wall about how the election was going to turn out I immediately began hoping that Trump would spend the entirety of the Biden-Harris (then Harris-Whomever) presidency hogging as much of the spotlight as he possibly can.

The mainstream media isn’t going to stop obsessing over Trump just because he’s out of office. Paraphrasing Brokeback Mountain: they just don’t know how to quit him. Trump knows that and I bet he relishes every minute of it. He’s going to make sure that they never stop thinking about him.

The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media have been telling a fantasy story about Donald Trump that has him slinking off into a miserable exile, broken because he’s not president anymore, and then getting into legal trouble over bogus claims that he violated the Emoluments Clause.


The reality is that he’s still wealthy, still has his own jumbo jet, and the “Trump goes to jail” thing isn’t going to happen.

The Democrats never could see through their Trump Derangement Syndrome clearly enough to see the fun guy that those of us who supported him did. I saw him speak live during the first month of his presidency and it was an extemporaneous blast filled with a lot of laughs. The Dems see him and us as angry and bitter all the time. Of course, it’s textbook projection. They’re the pinched, miserable ones.

Stacey wrote yesterday about Trump’s first post-presidency public move and it’s a thing of beauty:

For President Trump, turnabout is fair play. Following the election, President Biden opened the Office of the President-Elect in Delaware. He would give speeches and make announcements from behind a podium that looked very much like the one the president uses. It was a blatant attempt to minimize the outgoing administration’s coverage and put to rest any issues raised about election integrity. While the moniker was not new, Biden took it to a new level.

Today, President Trump officially opened the Former President’s Office in an obvious troll to make a broader point. He is not going away, and neither is his policy agenda. While he will need to figure out how to amplify his message off Twitter, it does not appear he intends to stay quiet or take up painting like President George W. Bush.


As Stacey’s headline said, this is an “epic troll” on Trump’s part. He almost certainly had a good laugh when this news was released.

Stacey’s right, Trump’s not going anywhere. To the chagrin of Democrats and the Invertebrate Never Trump Romney wing of the GOP, this is still Trump’s party. Just ask Liz Cheney.

The old phrase about living rent free in people’s heads is about to get the Trump treatment. As he is fond of saying, it’s going to be “yuuuuuuuge.” Trump is has built a mansion in the collective consciousness of the Democratic hive mind and he will be taking up comfortable, rollicking residence there while they foot the bill.

No matter how nasty the MSM is to Trump now it’s important to remember that they’re hitting the day booze hard because ORANGE MAN BAD just won’t go away and live out their miserable dream for him.

There’s still whimsy out there, my friends. And we know who will be bringing it to the party.

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