[WATCH] C'Mon Now, Joe Biden Hates Science!

C'Mon Now!

The United States has millions of miles of perfectly safe pipeline crisscrossing around moving oil and natural gas without incident every day. We use these fuels to make things we need and to keep those things working. Even your electric car depends on fossil fuels. We also use the revenues from energy production to fund public education. Domestic energy production enhances our national security. U.S. emissions have decreased over the past few years thanks to the market-drive switch to use more natural gas to generate power.

So why did Joe Biden use one of the 17 executive orders he signed his first day in office to cancel another 1700 pipeline miles and throw thousands of skilled Americans out of work? As I explain in this episode of C’Mon Now!, it’s because he hates science.

Or, he’s putting politics ahead of science even though the majority of the country opposes his actions and the science doesn’t support him.

My experience on science and energy: 8 years at NASA, 2 years at Texas’ oil and gas regulatory agency.

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Bryan Preston served as chief of staff to Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton. The Texas Railroad Commission regulates oil and gas production in the Lone Star State, which is the nation’s top energy-producing state. He is the author of Hubble’s Revelations: The Amazing Time Machine and Its Most Important Discoveries. He’s a veteran, author, and Texan.