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Despite Having More COVID Cases After Shutting Down Than Before, Gov. Newsom Drops CA's Stay-At-Home Order

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared Monday that California’s stay-at-home order is no more and outdoor dining can resume. His scientific reasons seem unclear, given the fact that the 7-day COVID case average now is actually higher than when he unilaterally shut the Golden State down.

After a winter surge, coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are beginning to decline across the state. But compared to when the governor established the stay-at-home order framework last month, total confirmed cases have more than doubled, daily confirmed cases have increased, the seven- and 14-day positivity rates are higher and ICU capacity is lower in each region of the state except Northern California, according to the most recent state data available.


Two things have changed, which are political, which is not supposed to impact COVID decisions.

One, Newsom faces a credible recall effort. Many in the media are hating on it, which means it scares them and him.

As the new week begins, Newsom is under the microscope again. Despite promising transparency, the AP reported that Newsom’s administration refused to share the data it’s using to lift COVID restrictions.

Recall supporters say it’s the latest example of what they’re talking about.

“What’s worse is his explanation for why he’s shielding this information,” said Assemblymember Kevin Kiley (R – Rocklin,) who’s written a book called Recall Newsom, but has no official role with the recall campaign. “He just says it’s too complicated. It would be confusing to the public to have access to it.”

Two, the Bad Orange Man is no longer president. The California Globe sensibly picks up on the latter.

Media reports Sunday on social media announced the California Restaurant Association saying California Gov. Gavin Newsom would be lifting the stay-at-home order for all regions across the state Monday.

What the media should have said is now that Joe Biden is President, COVID is cured and states can open up.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Democrat, also started talking about reopening once it was clear Biden would become president. And the World Health Organization announced — on the day of his inauguration — that it’s time to take another look at the COVID test sensitivity. If the test sensitivity gets wound down, as it should, we will have fewer cases. Biden can take the credit despite having had nothing at all to do with, well, anything.

Update: I published before adding this just for extra spice.


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