The Morning Briefing: CAGE MATCH—The 2020 Life-or-Death Veep Debate Is Upon Us

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Finally, a Veep Debate That Means Something

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Are we all ready for some #Humpday debate fun?

Each little twist and turn on this meandering road of misery we’re traveling on during 2020 finds us happening upon unexpected things that are mostly of the unpleasant variety. Every once in a while, however, we run into something surprising and good, like Zoom happy hours.

I’m a veteran of a lot of presidential elections and I have watched a LOT of debates. I can honestly say I have never really looked forward to many of them, and never to a vice-presidential debate. Until now.

This is going to be a vice-presidential debate like no other. I may even watch the whole thing.

Don’t forget our very own VodkaPundit Stephen Green will be doing one of his patented Drunkblogs during the debate and he agrees that this is one to look forward to.

The stakes got much, much higher once President Trump tested positive for the plague and headed to the hospital. Prior to that, the American public was only considering the fragility of Joe Biden, the candidate who’s been going to bed right after breakfast for several weeks now. Everybody has been in a dead panic about considering Kamala Harris’s worthiness to take over for Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep because we all know it’s going to happen soon if he wins.

While the president certainly still looks pretty sturdy despite his illness, Mike Pence’s “one heartbeat away” status is now a lot more on people’s minds.

This debate should have a much different tone than the first affair between Trump and Biden. Pence’s demeanor should enable him to do the thing Trump couldn’t do. If Trump had just let Biden ramble rather than interrupting him, Biden would have eventually — as Stephen Green said during one of our live chats — begun debating himself. If Pence lets Harris go on and on, she will remind everyone why her own party soured on her so quickly during the Democratic primaries.

debate (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Pool via AP)

Harris has been rather quiet since being added to the ticket. Some of that could be attributed to debate prep, but the silence has been so deafening it’s difficult not to believe that the campaign has been deliberately attempting to keep her quiet, especially after referring to the ticket as “Harris-Biden.” Harris brought a lot of baggage to the ticket, which even CNN admits:

Harris faces the ghosts of policies past.

Harris entered the Democratic presidential primary as a supporter of “Medicare for All,” the national health insurance plan written and championed by her competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

By the time she dropped out, in December 2019, the senator from California had rowed back her support and unveiled her own plan, which called for transitioning to a government-run program over 10 years but allowing private insurers to participate.

Now she is making the case for Biden and his proposal to beef up the Affordable Care Act and create a public option on top of it.

Harris definitely has a lot more to lose in this debate. After all, at least the Republicans like Mike Pence. There a still a lot of Democrats who aren’t fond of her.

There is also the fact that Harris’s performances during the primary debates weren’t exactly stellar. She had one good debate early, and it was because she was calling Joe Biden a racist. The rest of her debate performances ranged from lackluster to disastrous.

Yes indeed, we have a vice-presidential debate that has real importance for once. The American electorate might just be drunk enough after months of lockdowns to find its undecided voters swayed by the veep showdown.

2020, amirite?

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