The Kruiser Kabana Episode 72: Comedian Kevin Downey Jr. Says It's Trump in a Landslide

It’s Crunch Time Kids

Well, here we are a month out from the election and if hell does indeed have a handbasket it would seem that we are definitely heading for it (Google it, kids, it’s an old saying). That’s if I’m telling the story, that is. I’m back to being the resident pessimist here at PJ Media and this is one of the rare occasions I hope I am wrong.

There was an outside chance that we might have gotten put out of our misery, but it looks like that won’t happen:


Anyway, after my mood took a turn for the worse I decided that it was time to check in with my old friend Kevin Downey Jr. He’s always more optimistic about these things than I am and he always has reasons to back up his optimism. It’s a weird, fluid year but Kevin doesn’t hesitate with his prediction.

Keep up with Kevin on Twitter, Facebook, and, as I mention in this episode, don’t miss a chance to see him live if he’s ever near you.

I’ll be over here drinking. Na zdrowie!


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