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Hugh Hewitt's Must-See Video Lays Out Trump's Real Record on Freedom & Why He Deserves Your Vote

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As media Democrats reach back for their fainting couches over President Trump’s latest photo op displaying a confident and healthy-looking president, they hope their audience concentrates on their outrage and forgets his accomplishments. A list of Trump’s four years of accomplishments by a Washington Post contributing columnist/radio host may get in the way of their plans to distract you.

In the past few days, reporters have been in high dudgeon over the president’s diagnosis with the coronavirus and who he may have been in contact with. They’re outraged about his attitude about the illness and upset over Trump’s upbeat videos to calm the markets, reassure allies, and encourage voters. They pretend to care about the health of Secret Service agents riding in the president’s vehicle as he thanked his supporters. And they rage about Trump’s Hollywood-like video showing he’s back at the White House. His message of no fear is anathema to the media.

My God, they must think, what’s next, an election with a healthy-looking President Trump? We can’t have that.

While the media portray Trump as a strongman autocrat, his real record bends decidedly toward more freedom for Americans.

Salem Radio Network national radio host Hugh Hewitt drew up a list of Trump’s accomplishments and put them in a seven-minute-long video (see below) describing them and then pointing out the reasons why Joe Biden doesn’t deserve your vote. Hewitt is a well-respected and serious host who is heard all over the country and is based in the DMV—the seat of the American government in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Chief among the reasons Hewitt lists for why you should vote Republican is that “Donald Trump leaves you alone.” You’ll want to watch the video for all of Hewitt’s reasons, but here’s a partial list.

  • Freedom is safer with Donald Trump in office
  • Judges who hew to the Constitution
  • Record-low unemployment in January before Wuhan coronavirus
  • An on-fire economy before the virus hit
  • America’s safer with stronger military funding
  • Eschewing more military engagements unless necessary
  • Depriving ISIS of its physical caliphate
  • Putting Syria and Iran “on notice”
  • Israel peace deals
  • Making NATO pay more for their own security
  • Exposing China’s repression of Hong Kong, concentration camps, responsibility for COVID-19 virus
  • Hitting the right balance on COVID response with success of Operation Warp Speed
  • Obamacare mandate is gone which means more freedom
  • Veterans Administration has been turned around
  • Donald Trump leaves you alone

Hewitt noted that Joe Biden is as far left as socialist Bernie Sanders and listed several reasons not to vote for him. You’ll want to see Hewitt’s full list, but here are just a few things he believes are wrong with the Democrats.

  • Democrats want rationed health care
  • Democrats encourage penalties for holding political thoughts different from theirs
  • Democrats want to defund police, thus increasing crime
  • Democrats want the Green New Deal, which will destroy the economy
  • Democrats will ruin your freedom via left-wing judges
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But this is the most compelling reason why Hewitt believes Trump should be re-elected. He’s seen it first hand as a former Californian. The one-party state will ruin America.

This is a clear statement on the choice that is ahead of you – nothing like you hear on the media because the Manhattan/Beltway media is 95% virulently anti-Trump. It’s the most absurd imbalance in my life and it’s going to get worse. That’s the first and obvious sign of a one-party state. We’ve got to fight back against that. Vote against a one-party state.

If Americans hadn’t already concluded that this election is the most consequential one of our lifetimes, then Hewitt’s list will leave no doubt. Watch his video:

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