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Nice Knowing Ya, Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler Badly Trails Pro-Antifa Communist Opponent in Latest Poll

(Sarah Iannarone, own work, via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Well you can’t say you weren’t warned, Portland. Portlanders appear ready to throw over the guy who gives nightly rioters a pass in favor of a mayor who joins them.

After years of indulging antifa and anarchist violence, and after 100-plus nights of fire-setting, intimidation, and riots, the Portland populace appears to be on the cusp of electing a mayor whose heart is with antifa and the anarchist insurrection brigades marauding through the City of Roses.

According to a new poll by the Oregon polling firm DHS and reported by Willamette Week, Ted Wheeler is down by eleven points to the avowed antifa-loving communist who forced the November runoff, Sarah Iannarone.

Wheeler polled at 30% to Iannarone’s 41%, with the remaining 29% of surveyed voters split between writing in a candidate (16%) or remaining undecided (13%). It’s an especially notable result given that the poll was not conducted by either campaign, though PBA is supporting the mayor. (The poll has a four percentage point margin of error.)

The DHM phone survey, conducted from Sept. 17 to 22, also found that all the city and county measures presented to Portland voters are likely to pass. These include tax measures to build new libraries, maintain parks and renovate school buildings, as well as fund tuition-free preschool. [emphasis added]


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Iannarone, who on the campaign trail has worn a skirt featuring the faces of communist dictators responsible for the murders of more than 100 million people, has many things she wants to accomplish with other people’s money. She wants to get rid of neighborhood parking (too bourgeois and expensive), provide free housing (it’s a “right”), open up voting to non-citizens, swiftly build “climate-smart communities” like the PRC, and defund the Portland Police Bureau by anywhere from $25 million to $50 million, depending on which day of the week your talk to her.

She wants to rid the city of a “fascists,” who apparently are people who like cops and don’t like rioting. That’s you. The Twitter thread shows her preparing her troops to fight the “right-wing violence” she anticipated when the Proud Boys group gathered recently. Antifa didn’t show up to the gathering, so there was no “right-wing violence,” as it turned out.

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Iannarone has a plan to stop “right-wing violence.” As mayor, she would have “enjoin(ed) the rally from ever happening” in the first place. See? She has more in common with those fellas on her skirt than constitutionally-educated Americans.

Sarah and Mao enjoining in a tree …

Here she calls for what looks to be doxing people who are “right-wing” “white nationalis[ts] and chauvinis[ts].

And here she is providing some sort of supplies for people to fend off all those white supremacists in the most leftist city this side of Berkeley. She wanted to create a safe space for her violent leftist friends, where they could “be in community to escape the [right-wing] violence they did not choose.” [Emphasis added]

Don’t wonder. Of course she believes in left-wing violence. She is the Queen Arthur of her lily-white knights of the roundtable of violent extremists. They’re right and everyone else is wrong. Now, where’s her shiv?

Wheeler is hanging his political fortunes on the undecided votes, which comprise 29% of the people who either don’t have a clue or want to write someone else in. His campaign told Willamette Week that the mayor’s internal polling shows him with a “clear path to victory” in November.

Most voters are just tuning in to this race, and that’s why such a large number of respondents in this poll are undecided. We are confident that once voters have the opportunity to get to know both candidates, these numbers move decisively in Ted’s direction.

Good luck with that, Portland.

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