Election Fraud Is Definitely on the 2020 Menu—Just Ask Joe Biden!

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OK, Maybe Ask Biden’s Twitter Account About the Fraud 

I will begin this column by availing myself of a little creative license. That’s one of the advantages of being a columnist/opinion writer and not a journalist—I can have some fun with things. You all remember fun, don’t you? Think WAAAY back to February or early March.

Earlier on Tuesday, I had already set aside a couple of things that I wanted to write about pertaining to voter fraud or deliberate election chaos or the Democrats’ only real ground game or whatever we are calling it these days. Just as I was about to begin writing it, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep’s Twitter account offered us this gem:

We know that Biden didn’t really type that. The drooling moron can’t string together three sentences while speaking, so there’s no way he’s writing or typing anything. This one time, however, his social media intern seemed to be channeling his/her/zher idiot boss.

The line “we’ll try pretty much anything to get you to vote” has been the unspoken election-year mantra for the Democrats for decades. It just took nominating a no-filter spaz who rubs off on his staff to get it out there in the open.

Yeah…I’m reading a lot into it, but I’ve just spent four years watching every tweet of President Trump’s turn into an orgy of inference among the mainstream media, so I’m going to do a little inferring of my own here.

Of course the Democrats will do anything — that’s their shtick. What’s galling is that they will do anything all the while insisting that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Except when it does.

A new report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation provides some rather disturbing numbers about all of this nonexistent voter fraud.

The Daily Signal:

The foundation’s report, “Critical Condition,” highlights the severity of the problem: inaccurate voter rolls, duplicate registrations, dead voters, and incomplete registrations—all of which allow fraud by those willing to exploit vulnerabilities in the system.

The foundation discovered more than 140,000 instances of potential election fraud in the 2016 and 2018 elections, ranging from individuals illegally voting in multiple states to someone voting in the name of a deceased person.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation created the type of database that President Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity wanted to create, but was prevented from doing so by numerous frivolous lawsuits filed by the left.

Some may say, “So? It’s 140,000 over two elections and they may not all be instances of fraud.”

Well, when you’re dealing with state and municipal elections, it doesn’t take a lot of votes to swing one, especially a low turnout affair.

ANY potential discrepancies that could lead to fraud should be of concern to people truly interested in the integrity of the process.

The foundation had to work to get some of the numbers:

The foundation obtained voter registration and voter history data from 42 states. It had to sue three states—Illinois, Maine, and Maryland—to get what is supposed to be public information after they refused to comply with their own laws.

Sixty years after dead voters in Chicago were rumored to have helped JFK narrowly defeat Richard Nixon, Illinois is still being coy about election transparency.

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It’s no big secret that Democrats want to throw this election into chaos in any way possible. On Monday, an Obama-appointed judge gave an assist to a couple of progressive groups here in Arizona, which my RedState colleague Becca Lower wrote about:

Monday night was the eve of the sole debate for the Special Election to permanently fill the late Sen. John McCain’s seat, now occupied by appointed Sen. Martha McSally (R), a closely-watched race across the nation which I wrote about a few days back. But Monday was also when news broke on a striking change via the federal courts in the way the general election – now less than a month away – will be administered in the state of Arizona: specifically, when the cut-off is for voters to register to participate in it.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported on what it calls an “October surprise”:

The surprise is that the state was ordered to extend the cutoff to register to vote until October 23 simply because two progressive groups said that they didn’t have enough time to register people to vote.

As if the only way to register was through a highly partisan leftist organization.

Becca’s post lists the ways the Republicans are responding to this heavy progressive thumb on the election justice scale.

Remember, even when they are not committing easily provable fraud, the Democrats are trying to cast as much doubt as possible on the election. Nothing short of a landslide by President Trump will prevent them from holding the country hostage into the new year.

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